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Jeffery is a very nervous squirrel when hes around his new neighbor Jeffina, And when hes nervous he lets out a almighty noise.

Çocuklar Tüm halka açık. © Written And Published By Emily Barlow On 3rd August 2022
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The Squirrel That Cant Stop Farting!

One day Jeffery the squirrel was sitting in his tree all alone, when he saw another squirrel pass his tree top home. She was so pretty and her name was Jeffina. Jefferys new nabour. Jeffery wanted to ask her if she wanted to go on a walk, but he was too scared.

The next day he had brought up the courage to ask her, but when he did a loud noise erupted. A strange noise, he had never heard before. It was indeed a fart. He was embarrassed, so he fled back home. He cried and farted until his tree top home smelt, not like perfume but yucky, moldy eggs.

Soon it was night time, and jeffery was about to go to bed, when there was a knock on the door of his tree top home. He Peeked outside,to his surprise it was Jeffina. She looks shy and nervous. Suddenly, that sound erupted again, but this time it wasn’t Jeffery. It was Jeffina.

‘All Squirrels fart when they are nervous, so don’t be embarrassed’ She said. Jeffery smiled and started to laugh as he started to fart out loud too. As the night went on, they became good friends, so maybe now they wont communicate by farting that much anymore. They sat in the moonlight, laughing and chatting. Now that was enough farting for a little squirrel for one day.

The End

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Emily Barlow I'm 17 year old girl who is currently studying Art and Design at College. I love write, mainly Scary stories and a little Romance I hope you like my Stories!!!!

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