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A 16 year old boy who has been all sorts of abused has had the roughest life of all. He's was about to give up on life, till he finds a meaning to live. Will he be able to find out what happened to his father, and live happily, or will death be his calling. Find out in my new book "Jaylyn's Secrets"

Hayran Kurgu LGBT+ 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil. © No copyright. All me baby

#Action #Owlhouse #Romance #Fanfiction
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Chapter 1

Jaylyn's POV

Like always I woke up like any other day, got up off my rusty old bed and walked to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and hair, then got ready for school.

I came down the stairs to hear mother and father arguing like always. I snuck some toast into my hands and ran out of the house, just to see my big brother Lucifer talking to my sister and her friend.

"Oh, look who we have here, little mistake" Lucifer said with a grouchy smirk. Coral (my sister) followed his gaze to see that I had stolen some toast, "uh,why do you have theses", she said snatching them back. "I...I was just hungry, and I saw some left over, an-", I was cut off when Coral and Lucifer grabbed me by the arms. "let me go" I said in a scared voice while struggling to get free.

Soon they pinned me up against the house and suddenly Lucifer gut punched me, making me shrink to the ground, clenching my stomach and coughing up blood. "w,why did y,you do that" I cried in pain. "That's for being a thief", Lucifer said while chuckling. they all walked off with happy smiles and chuckles. leaving me alone in pain, and with my face covered in blood.

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