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Alice loves outer space.She loves aliens.She loves exploring. What happens when she finds aliens and with it,a whole planet? What happens when she..falls in love with one?

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Part One

Once upon a time, on Mobwifi street and twenty-third vampire avenue,there was a creative,fifteen year old girl named Alice.She was a kind girl who loved to make stories about magic and love. She also loved anything to do with outer space. Alice had a loving family. She wasn't rich, but she wasn't poor either.

Even though Alice had a wonderful life,she still lay awake in bed, wondering if there was more to the world. She'd look up at the stars and thought that maybe, just maybe, she would find a spectacular world that no one knew about. A world where literally anything was possible and that the sky was the ground and the ground was the sky. A world where people ate purple stuff for breakfast. A wonderfully peculiar world.

Little did she know that the next day at school was going to take her to that world.

When Alice was finally at school with her friends, the school principal announced on the P.A. System:"Attention,AliSpace high,we have new students.Be respectful to them." Then she started announcing other stuff.

"Do we have new students coming into the school?" Alice asked her friends,Rebecca and Muerte. "Yes, I guess So." They answered.

"Then I'm going to give them a warm welcome." said Alice.

And Alice walked towards the new kids, ready to make new friends.

The kids were very strange. They didn't seem to know what to do. They walked around aimlessly,bumping into other objects. The girl was walking right into the boy's bathroom, while the boy headed to the janitor's closet.

"No,stop!" yelled Alice. "You are going the wrong way!"

The girl shot her a look. The boy walked right to Alice. "So sorry,this planet is new to me. I'm A2-"

"Bryon." The girl cut in." And we're none of your business." She grabbed him by the shoulder.Byron managed to do a weird wave.

"Huh." said Alice.

Alice was thinking about what he said."This Planet is new to me." Were they from another planet? No,That's impossible.

I have to find out.thought Alice.

I'll talk to him after school.By the tone of the girl's voice,I don't think she wants me NEAR him!

After school, Alice walked up to the boy,ready to ask questions. When she was finally there,she asked: "What did you mean by" another planet?""

"Normally I wouldn't tell other living things about my past,but you seem different. I'll tell you everything. My name is not Bryon,it is A2614. I come from the Planet SmartsMerit. The reason you never heard of it before is because It's a distant planet. It likes to keep hidden. Everything is backwards there!For example,the ground you're standing on would've been the sky back at SmartsMerit,and vice versa. Me and my controlling sister are here because Space Vampires are invading the universe. We were told that there might be a human who would help us. I think you are that human. If you're wondering where our parents are in all of this, then I should tell you that unlike humans,we don't have parents. We were created in a special computer that put data in us to make us alive."

Alice processed his words. Space Vampires? Planet SmartsMerit? I'M the human that's supposed to help them?

" I'll help." Alice decided.

" Great." said A2614.

Then his sister came and grabbed the alien boy.

As Alice was eating dinner, she thought about what he said. "We were told there might be a human who would help us."I can't believe it.I'm that human.She thought.

"Alice,are you okay? You don't look well." Her Mom asked,worried.

Alice was not well. In fact,she was excited and a little scared about the situation she was in.

I wanted an adventure.Now I have it.Why am I not bouncing off the walls?

"I'm fine,Mom." said Alice. She even faked a smile.

"Stop coddling her, Katelin!" Dad yelled.

Mom was unconvinced, but she stopped asking questions.

When it was time for bed, Alice was walking to her room, when she heard her four year old sister ask: "What's up with you,Ali?"

"Nothing,Meli. Now go to bed," Alice answered.

Melissa reluctantly trudged to her room. While Melissa was thinking about what could possibly be up with her big sister, Alice climbed to bed.

But it was difficult because she had zero gravity.

Yes, she had zero gravity. Alice flew in the air,asking herself: "Why do I have zero gravity?"

Suddenly, the ceiling opened up. There was a whole other world on the other side. Alice gasped. Here she was,flying in the air,with another world just over her head.A hand extended. She grabbed the hand.

The hand belonged to the handsome,blond haired Byron. He said,"Welcome to my planet,Alice."

Alice took it all in. She was standing on the sky! The grass was black and speckled with shining dots that resembled stars. There was a glowing orb on the ground that looked like the moon.

When she looked up, she saw a whole town.

The ground is the sky and the sky's the ground. Cool, she thought. Then she smiled. A wide,beautiful,genuine smile. Alice was going to have the adventure of a lifetime!

" Follow me,uh-what's your name?" He asked.

"Alice." She smiled.

"What a lovely name. Now,Alice,follow me to the spaceship."

The Spaceship wasn't that impressive. It looked like any UFO.A2614 led her to his sister, nervous about what she had to say.

I hope she won't be her usual annoying self.He just learned that Earth word.

These humans have interesting vocabulary.He thought.

When they were finally there,the annoying girl scowled her brother in an alien language. The words are too inappropriate to translate.

The three walked over to the controls and continued their journey.

"My name is Alice, what's yours?" Alice asked,trying to have a conversation with the unpleasant girl.

"My human name is Mary. I don't feel comfortable sharing my real name to a human such as yourself."

"B392,!9'xqniif &2$;7!/8'€]*~!*,£]+!!!!" screamed A2614 at his sister.

The translation was:"B392,leave her alone!"

"78292&/$2!.7!:$.!.$3!:&'eiskeomssonshzbeismnshei-/23 nenjios z subwuwjujaja babes suq!,&&[email protected]£]^£[!\!\!!!" Mary yelled back.

Then, "You don't get to tell me what to do,little brother!"

Unfortunately Alice couldn't translate what they said. So instead,she yelled: "Stop your alien squabbling and focus!"

That's when everyone got kidnapped.

These people with white hair and high tech clothes invaded the ship and grabbed them.

When they woke up, they were tied up and in a creepy looking spaceship .It looked vampiric. These are the Space Vampires, thought Alice.

A white haired young lady walked up to them and said." Well,Well. If it isn't the amateur Spacecraft pilots and the stinky human. I knew it would be easy to kidnap you."

"Let us go!" shrieked Alice.

"Not a chance. The first thing we're going to do is attach these tubes to you. The tubes will take your blood and put it in our cups. We're notamateurs,like the fictional vampires you humans write about. Also,we attached mini tubes in the humans on Earth. When we activate this red button,the tubes will turn on,transferring the blood to us. You will all die." The Space Vampire said smugly.

Alice looked around. The three of them were struggling,and an evil plan was at large. "You'll never get away with this!" yelled A2614.

"Oh really,solider?" drawled the Space Vampire.

"Wait, why did she call you a soldier?" asked Alice.

"He and his sister used to work for us. The haven't shown you what they really look like. In fact, you've only seen the human versions of themselves. Why don't you both show her your real form?"

"Never!" He screamed.

" No." His sister said calmly.

"Then I'll make you." and with that,she put needles in their ribs.

The two of them started to morph into something else.

Fingers grew long and skin changed color.

When they were done,they ended up being replaced by blue and green people.

The green one had orange eyes and unnaturally blond hair. He also had long fingernails and sharp teeth. Vampire fangs?

Then there was the girl. She had cascading purple hair and blue skin. She too had vampire fangs.

Alice drew her breath.Are

"They are space vampires! They betrayed me and lied to you! They left because I was being"too evil",planning to destroy Earth. They thought I was going to be a police officer. Can you believe them? Me? Protecting people? No. So,they betrayed me and lied about where they came from.Imbeciles." revealed the leader of the space vampires.

"Think about that for a while."

Alice did think about it. She made the right choice,too.

A2614 looked at her for a moment. He thought that she would run away and let them die. But what she did surprised him."Why are you just looking at me? We have a planet to save! If you two worked for the space vampires,then you must know how to break these bindings.", Alice exclaimed.

"Yes. You have to use your fingers to play around with the locks. You don't have long fingers,so we'll help you."They used their long,claw-like fingers to play with the locks. Then B392 went on lookout and A2614 saved Alice. Then they jumped off the moving spaceship and fell to earth.B392 was falling ahead of them. While A2614 held Alice. It was a good thing they were wearing protective vests,or else they would have died.

As Alice and A2614 were plummeting to Earth,he turned around to ask her a question. "How come you never tried to kill us? We're different from you,and we used to work for her. Why do you still trust us?"

Alice began tothink about that. Why did she trust them? Then the answer became clear." Because you haven't turned your back on me. You could've leftme there to die in that spaceship and run away with your sister but you didn't.I also have something to tell you."


"I-" but then she fell flat on her face.

When Alice got up,the space vampires arrived. They yelled:"Prepare to DIE!"

Then they started shooting laser beams that blew up houses. The trio looked at each other .Then B392 gave everyone laser beam guns and showed them how to use them. Soon,everyone was shooting at everybody. Before you knew it,most of the space vampires died but one.

It was their captor. She held a gun at Alice and yelled:"LET ALL THE HUMANS DIE AND THIS ONE LIVES!"

A2614 had to make a decision. Let Alice die and the rest live or let Alice live and the rest die.

He didn't have to wait long for the decision. He pounced on the lady,causing Alice to run away,leaving with him peeling off her eyeballs,skin and bones,screaming: "YOU WILL NOT KILL ALICE OR ANYONE ELSE!DIE,FIEND! JUST DIE! NEVER BREATHE AGAIN!"

He was so mad at his captor that he lost track of time. Finally Alice and B392 told him that she's dead. He still ripped her. Then the girls repeated themselves. Finally,he stopped ripping her. He looked at Alice and said,"Well,the world's saved. I guess we'll leave now." He looked down,like he didn't want to leave.

"Wait, before you leave,I want to tell you something." said Alice.

"What?" He asked.

"I love you. You're caring and trustworthy. You're the best person I've ever known and nothing can change that. I love you. I want to be your girlfriend." Alice said.

He stayed for a moment,not knowing what to do. Then, he grabbed her by the waist and said:" Damn it,Alice! I love you too. And I'll be your-What's the word?"


"Yeah, I think that's it.I'll be your boyfriend." Then they kissed for what seemed like forever until his sister said they had to go. She went up to Alice and said:"Sorry for being mean. I just wanted to protect him."

"It's fine.You're his big sister."

Then they left. Alice felt pure joy in her heart. She knew they would end up together,no matter what the odds were.

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