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Two girls who have been best friends forever, Sage and Maya can't stop falling for each other. But will Maya let her horrible mother control her life forever? What will Sages parents think? Can Sage protect? Trying to find the answers to all these problems and trying to understand Maya's dreams. It's a bumpy road ahead. WARNING TALKS ABOUT SENTIMENTAL TOPICS SUCH AS HOMOPHOBIA ABUSE 18+

LGBT+ Sadece 18 yaş üstü için.
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The Sleepover

Sage has long red hair, freckles, brown eyes and wore glasses! She's 17 and loves reading. "Who doesn't love fall?" Sage asked her best friend, Maya. Maya was also 17 and she was extremely tan. She had dark brown hair and was always wearing black. Black was her favorite color. her eyes were emerald green. And she always drove around on a motorcycle her dad gave her.

The girls always walked home together after school but not in the morning. Sage would always come to school early and Maya was almost always late. The leaves Crunched under the girls feet as they walked home. The cool air was refreshing. Maya and Sage eventually pulled up to Maya's house. "Bye Maya" "see you soon" Sage watched as Maya walked up to her house and disappeared inside. Sage filled with sorrow. "At least I'll see her tomorrow" Sage told herself.

Sage soon found herself at her door. She saw her mom and dad waiting for her. She said hello to her mother and father and ate dinner. Sage tried to go to bed but something was keeping her up. every she closed her eyes all she could see was Maya's big smile. She shut her eyes again. "just get out of my head" she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

The next day Sage went to school and saw Maya waiting for her by the school! "What is happening Maya is never early" Sage stated. "Sage! " Maya yelled. Sage started running for Maya. "Maya! " Sage yelled back. They met by the school and hugged each other. "why are you this early?" Sage asked Maya. " I don't know I just couldn't sleep, I missed you so much! " Then the idea struck Sage "its Friday why don't you stay over tonight? " Maya and Sage both texted their moms and they agreed to let the girls have a sleep over.

after a long boring day of school the girls meet up to walk home. You can hear laugh and talking and a crunch from the leaves with every step you take. birds chirping and squirrels running with acorns. They finally get Sages house. They get inside and decide to play a game. The game is that you ask each other player any truth questions and if they don't want to answer they have to eat hot sauce. Maya asked the first question. "have you ever had a crush on someone who— was in a relationship" Sages mind went straight to Maya's Bf and then back to Maya. Her Emerald green eyes we're starring eagerly at Sage waiting for her answer. "I have" Slipped from her mouth hoping that Maya didn't ask who. "your turn" Maya said. Sage was thinking of a question she decided to say "do you think your a good kisser" Maya turned red "I think I'm ok. " " My turn" Maya got ready to ask her question. " what's one thing that makes you feel like. a like your five again? " Sage started to turn red now "hanging out with you" She blurted out "your my best friend" she said trying to hide what she just said. "That's so sweet of you" Maya said trying to cover up her smile. Sage was now turning even more red. "Have you ever wanted to break up with your boyfriend? " Maya froze, looked over and squirted the hot sauce in her mouth. "YOU DID!"Sage was filled with disbelief and also in some sick way, happiness. Maya looked like a tomato she was so embarrassed. " I drank the stupid hot sauce so we don't need to talk about this. " Sage smiled. "Fine it's your turn" On Maya's face now formed an evil smirk. "who do you have a crush on Sage" Sage turned red and grabbed the hot sauce that was still in Maya's hand. The Spicy liquid burned her as it slowly leaked down. Maya now started laughing. "Sage has a boyfriend, Sage has a boyfriend." Sage felt a rush of dispare. "let's play another game" Sage said putting a fake smile on her face. Maya looked at her. She new Sage was upset but she knew that if she brought it up Sage might get worse. That's just how Sage had always been even since they were children. She didn't like to talk about things. Before Maya even knew Sage was back. "Let's watch a movie" Sage said still smiling. Maya smiled maybe this would just be enough to cheer her up. "What movie" Sage smirked " This one" She held up a horror movie. Sage hated horror. How will this make her feel better? "ok" Maya said. Sage put on the movie and they sat together on the couch. The first murder struck. Sage streamed and grabbed on to Maya as tight as she could. Maya turned red. "Are you sure you want to watch this" Sage was determined to show Maya she was just as brave as her boyfriend was. "I'm sure" Maya was now even more worried for Sage but they continued to watch the movie. Sage was terrified so much that Maya could hardly watch the movie. Maya was laughing at Sage, who was now grabbing on to Maya for dear life. Sage had just noticed she was laughind "your cruel for laughing at this horrible movie" Maya smiled and looked into Sages brown eyes. "I'm laughing because your cute. " Sage and Maya both turned completely red. Sage just about let go of Maya when the screen filled with red. Sage screamed and decided it didn't do any harm if she stayed with Maya a little longer. the movie soon ended and both girls got ready for bed. Sage was still petrified from the movie. "Maya promise you won't leave me" Maya's face was now slowly turning all shades of pink. "what do you mean? " Sage looked at her embarrassed she was about to say this. " If I i'm alone they'll come get me" Maya started laughing so hard you could see tears in her eyes. "I promise cutie." she winked at Sage and went to bed. Sage following behind her. They both went to sleep next to each other on the floor. But for some weird reason Maya did take her makeup off before bed.

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