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Seventeen year old Nova has a deathly fear of clowns.She can’t stand their painted faces and bright colors. When she and her family move to a new house,Nova is met with a clown ghost girl.Legend has it she died from suicide. What if the clown..developed feelings for her? What if Nova..isn’t that scared of clowns after all? *Cover photo is me in socks and heels.

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Chapter One

Hi! My name is Nova and I had a phobia of clowns.Why was I afraid of clowns?


It all started when I went to this friend's birthday party.I was eight years old at the time.They invited a clown to their party. I didn't care then.

But my friend's older sister was playing a movie with a scary clown in it and I just so happened to watch the movie with her.When the clown came for the birthday party,I screamed and cried and ran away.It only got worse.At ten years old my friends wanted me to go with them to a haunted house attraction for Halloween,I came and guess what they had?! Someone was dressed as a clown.Being only ten,I thought it was all real and screamed.When I was thirteen my friends dared me to say:"Clown Come get me" at3 A.M. on Halloween.I had to say it five times.I did it to prove I wasn't scared,but then a clown came and chased me.My friends laughed and told me that it was just some other teenager they got to dress like a clown and chase me.I was so embarrassed at myself.This irrational fear of clowns kept me from many things.I missed out on a lot.

But right now,I am seventeen years old and this is the story of how I met the clown under the bed.

Me and my family moved to this mansion.I lived my life and went to High School,etc.

But one night I went to bed and I saw a pink haired female clown.Her face was absolutely terrifying.Her eyes were red.Her lipstick was smeared across her face.Her black gloves hid sharp nails.Her teeth looked like they could cut through glass.Her hair was clumpy and long.She sneered at me and as quickly as she came,disappeared under the bed.I screamed like a physco.

I kept seeing her every night and I kept telling my parents about her,but they just told me to stop watching T.V.

But one night when I went to bed,I heard psychotic laughter and nails pulled me under the bed.


The clown pulled me under the bed.

Characters in Gacha Club:

Penelope (Nova's Mom):

John (Nova's Dad):


The clown (Lipstick smeared on face):

The clown (normal):

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