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We all make mistakes. Some of us can control them. Some of us have a choice of what we do in life. I didn’t. Since I was a baby my life was chosen for me. I was only one month old when I was kidnapped by Atlas. He told me that my parents gave me up because they needed money but I never believed. I thought that I was on the right side but I soon found out that I was far from the right side.

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Through A Door

Every since I was a baby I've wanted a different life. My name is Luna Quinn. I'm 12 years old and I grew up in Boulder, Colorado. I never knew my parents. The only person who was the closest thing to a father I had was the person who kidnapped me when I was a baby. His name is Atlas but we never called him by his actual name. It was either sir or commander or Agent. I'm not a typical 12 year old. When I was taken as a baby I was trained to be a......well....a Spy.

I went to this angentsy that was for girls where I learned all my spy skills. When I turned 3 I learned how to disguise myself. When it was my 5th birthday I was taught how to fight and was given my spy suit. When I turned 6 I was taught how to use gadgets such as a lazer gun, grappling hook, and a belt that changed into a climbing rope. That was also when I got my spy braclet and when I was sent on my first mission. When I was 12 I was sent on a mission which is when I chose to change my life. Let me explain.

It was the day before the biggest mission of my life. I was training by boxing against another spy when our commander called a meeting. "We need our best agent to go on this mission." Agent explained. He looked around the table before his eyes landed on me. "Agent Luna," He started. "Will you take this mission?" He asked me. Before I could answer, my competitor spoke up. "That's no fair!" She claimed. "Quinn always gets the important missions!" She added. "Agent Cassandra that is enough!" Atlas said with a stern face. Whenever our head Agent spoke that way we all would go silent. "Luna will go on this mission. This is final." He explained. I knew I could do this. The meeting was ended so I went to my room to pack.

I changed into my spy suit that was a tight, black jumpsuit that had long sleeves and had a silver zipper. I put on my black combat boots before I put my long, straight brown hair in a high ponytail. I made sure it was slicked back so I wouldn't get blinded by my hair when I faught. I zipped up my black duffel bag and went towards my door. I was about to leave when I heard a conversation between Atlas and Cassandra having a conversation. "Are you sure she can handle this?"Cassandra asked. "She's strong." Atlas replied. "She'll represent The Substitute well." Atlas added. "Good will loose, Bad will win." Atlas stated. Cassandra and Atlas kept reapting it as they walked away. Once they were gone I went outside my room, packed gadgets in my duffel bag, got the mission description and left the agency. At that moment I thought that I was going to be back but I never knew that I wouldn't.

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