vijay_shriram_sk Vijay Shriram

A thief who went to rob a house that belonged to a mischievous family. As everyone believed that the family is very rich and a mystery thing is hidden in their house. But, no one knows what is inside it and what it is.

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New man to the country

At the main house of the Ogid New Family, everyone prepares for a festival called the CARNEVALE. The whole town here respects the Ogid Family.

"Welcome to Italy!!" A busker welcomed Morgan by playing the violin. Morgan smiled at them and got off the bus.

He is traveling from Canada to Italy for important work he has. He shouted with excitement, "Heyyyy!! Italy!!!!!!!! I am Morgan! Shortly JAR, Comes to meet a person, who is very much precious to me!!" Then, he went to a hotel to book a room for himself.

"This is a huge hotel! Uhmm..?" Morgan asked the receptionist.

"Yeah! Sir. Your name?"

"Oh! Yeah! Well, I am Morgan!"

"Okay...! Sir! Your room number is 707, on the 8th floor!"

"Okay! Thank you!" Morgan went to his room and refreshed himself. After an hour of taking rest, he came down and asked the receptionist,

"Why is it so crowded over here? Is there any festival or..?"

"Yeah! You don't know? It's Carnival! The famous festival in our country and the Ogid family coming there!" the receptionist replied to him.

"Oh! Why is a particular family considered so special?" Morgan asked the receptionist.

"Uhg! They are a rich and cultural family." the receptionist said.

"So, that they are famous?? Oh! Man, what a drag!" Morgan is displeased.

"Oh! Wait, I'm not yet finished."

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