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A reincarnation of Hercules, named Hero awakes at his Father's kingdom barely arriving alive, after one of his long voyages to prove him self to the people of the world and to achieve his place as this age's True Hero. Please like, follow, subscribe, for more literature like this one. By- Heath Legend Lemond

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Chapter 1 Ep 1: Awake

"Birds whistling to the tunes of nature's sweet songs... leaves skipping on the crisp forest floor" "sounds of steam, crackling and popping near by,"even metal ringing in its purist form"

I could feel the sun's glow on my face, and the wind's breezes on the back of my neck. They were whispering to me, but only in words that I could feel.

"Wake up I'm Hungry" I felt suddenly.

At the same time vibrant visions played in my head, they were swirling through my consciousness. Playing me movies of my past life, my life now, and my life to be. "Wake up".. "Wake up!" "I'm hungry" "now" said those whispers.

And what cool breezes these whispers were. They made the hairs on my arms and legs stand up with their own since of life and urgency, they made my heart feel with a cool liquid sensation. Like ice melting on metal.

"Wake up" "now" "now!" "now" "Awake!" I felt the rush again.

Meanwhile my Vision started becoming increasingly distorted, splicing into many pieces. as if my eyes were broken windows.

Was this reality? The movies swirling in my head, were now glitching, with breaks of ultraviolet and lime green lights. What is going to happen next I thought. My world seemed to be crashing down and caving in all around me. All sounds were suddenly fusing together making some sort of huming vibration.

"aummmmmm" "ommmmm" "aummmmmmmmm"

At the same time my field of vision was being sucked into what seemed to be a large golden funnel. I don't believe it was from this land. It was engulfed in purple and blue gems on the inside, and it had writing of many languages and ages, etched on to the outside of it, but I could not make it out..

Where was I going? My mind had to be collapsing. My taste and sense of smell were now one, my body now covered in ecstacy, as if I was a high-volt battery plugged into the great bright itself. And then.....

My body as I knew it disappeared, as if I was now just floating there....No time, no space,... Just me floating, ..all I could do was feel for a moment, but what was this feeling? . ....

All of a sudden my eyes opened.. and bright lights of all colors poured into them. Like the baby streams flowing in to a mother river.

"Your up!" said a voice quite familiar. "Thank God" "Praise the Heavens" "He's alive!"

"Go get Savior! she's the only one that can help him now" Go!

"Alright!" said another seemingly familiar voice. But where was I?.

"My Boy!" said a man, Rushing close to my side, he was as large as a oak tree. A crown rested on his head, it was made from gold and other precious metals and gems. Tears were falling from his face trickling down his beard, and though his beard was grey, his skin was youthful, and from the looks of it he was as strong as 10 oxs or more. He was also smiling from ear to ear. "I knew you'd make it back Son" "We all knew you had it in you"

"Quick!" "Did you already call for Savior!?" "She_"

"Yes I did, My King!" "She is coming now!" Said a womens voice. I guess she had been helping me.

"Son, Can you speak, can you say anything right now?"

"My Lord I am here" said a women's voice coming in as fast as her steed was.


"I came as quick I could!" said the same voice,..now closer by my side.

"Here drink this" "It will heal you, I made it my self!"

"Well don't just stare at me!?"

"say something Hero!"

"I was worried you might not make it back"..

Savior! let him rest now, you've done good by him today. Said the Large oak tree like man, who I've now presume is the King of this land. "My Boy needs to regenerate now" "his energy is drained,... thank you so much for lending yours to heal him Savior"

"Yes my King, it is my gift from God" I am honored to be of service."

"My Son don't worry!, your memory will be back in a few hours, hahaha! The King laughed mightily. "I can already see your wounds are healing,.. you Ol Hercules of a Son you!" "I can't wait to hear the stories you have now my boy! Oh how me and your mother have missed you so much." "But I can see your not a boy now,... not anymore my Hero, you have grown into the strong marvelous young man I thought you would my Son." "and what a striking resemblance you have to me" "haha! The King laughed aloud with pride. "I can't wait until your mother returns!, she'll be back soon my boy!, she be back with supper too, I'll let you rest now my Hero."

The Kings thunderous steps faded into the distance.

Chapter 1: Ep 2: Arise

As those thunderous steps of my father faded away, so did I. I drifted off into the best sleep anyone has had in the Last 10,000 years. I had the most epic of dreams too... As if I didn't beat my fears back on earth,... just to make sure I was ready to a rise, the Gods made me re-live my journey 10x over! in my time at rest. that was not fun... haha but there's nothing I'm not ready for if the God's put me through it, then I must be ready! Now that I have put in my time and earned my right as this ages True Hero I am ready for what ever is next!

"60 days and nights later, at the Welcoming Home of Hero Festival..."

"Flocks of Trumpets roared through the town, and waves of passionate cries echoed the streets! "Long Lives Hero!"

The Sun was gleaming off of every roof top and balcony of the village, creating a Halo over Legina. The skies were filled with streaks of pink and orange.

"Blessings to you! Hero!" shouted a young boy weilding a wooden sword and shield. "When I grow up, I will be my ages True hero!" said the boy.

"Hero! Hero! Hero!" the crowd began chanting! feeling the towns square with a harmonious vibe of roaring energy.

"Haha! My Son", Said the King "You've done a good deed." Haha! "You have blessed this village with 500 more years of abundance and prosperity Hero!" "Your Grandfather I know is so proud of you my Hero." "A drink to him my son!"

"Clink" went our two foamy Mugs of brew, "spilish" Clink! Clashing like the Titans themselves! "To Hercules! My Son!, a True Hero!" To you my son! and to papa Zeus!" Clink!

"Heaven!" Shouted the King "My Love! look at our strong boy!"

"He is a man now Jove, don't call him a boy anymore, He's earned it"

"Ahh Mom ha Thanks!" I shouted. You know the whole time I was away, I knew you were there praying for me, I could feel it... Thank you for the extra Arro"....w"Shhhhh" whispered Heaven. "I don't know what your talking about" She smirked with conviction.

"Mom you know you will always be my True Hero, Thank you" I bowed.

"20 Minutes later"


"musicians, artists, architects, philosophers, mystics, thieves, bandits, carpenters! you name it family's from every corner of the earth together as one, High class and Low class rejoicing together in harmony and joy"

Here we go! said a man in the crowd. "I think it's about to start!" "Look! Look!" "There's Hero!"

Chapter 1: Ep 3: Air

You could feel it in the air, Faith and Love, Strength, and Loyalty, a combination of emotions, of the highest vibrations...The people were looking at this Ages Truest Hero. He signified the coming of a new age in humanity, a age of peace and joy to all the lands for the next 500 years...What a time...

You could feel it in the air the hopes of dreams renewed, the inspirations of young boys and girls running wild, Men of all ages inspired to be a better version of themselves when they looked at Hero, Son of Jove the KING OF KINGS, Grandson to Zeus himself...

"The Calvary of Trumpets from Hero's introduction faded into the distance."

"Go out there Hero" said Jove

"My Son, you have made me so proud, you deserve this great welcoming home!" said the King. That Cerberus pup never stood a chance against my boy, did he! haha! he said placing one of his mighty hands on my shoulders "Now go!" The King gave a great push..thrusting me towards the stage.., and there I was now,.. center stage of the Great Greece hall of prosperity.

Atleast one-hundred thousand plus people from all walks of life were now chanting my name!

"Hero! Hero! Hero!Hero!"

The roar of the people was so magnificent so, so great! that even the Gods couldnt resist to look below the Heavens and be delighted.

"Hero!" Hero! Hero! Hero!"

The people continued to chant and celebrate!

And then I Raised my hands as I accepted that moment of praise, and celebration and then I brought the crowd to a silence so I could speak...

"Can you feel it in the Air! My people! I shouted.

"Can you feel it!?"

"Glory to God, our faith has been restored!... "

The crowd roared in celebration

"Long had Cerberus and his beastly demons haunted our realm, our lands.. " I paused and looked up at the Heavens,... and then back at the crowd .."Glory to God!!!" I shouted.

"Long live Hero!" shouted a hunter by the name of Oryon.

"Long live Hero!, Long live Hero!" the crowd shouted back, in celebration.

"A Lord of Men, the Truest of them all" said Hero's Long time best friend Righteous.

"Righteous! my Ol' friend, I heard you have return from a quest of your own" I said eagerly.

"Who else was going to protect this place while you were away" Righteous smirked.

"My brother we are blessed by the Gods themselves, it's great to see you again, man do I have some stories" I grinned.

"You know who has been asking about you" Righteous grinned back.

"Who? Savior?" I asked.

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