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When regular teenage girl, Jessica Phillips, moves to New York, she begins school at Midtown Tech, becomes friends with Peter Parker and his best friends Ned Leeds, Gwen Stacy and Michelle Jones Watson and gets her dream part-time job as a camera woman, filming footage of the local hero, and her favourite Avenger, Spiderman! Oh, and she is bitten by a radioactive spider, causing her to become the superhero, Spider-Girl! Now, she has to prevent her slipping grades, stop the Scorpion from destroying the city, all while protecting her and Spiderman's identities! (This is Tom's universe/the MCU version but it has Gwen because why not?) Ignore the 'New Chapter Every Week', I just post a chapter when I finish one!

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The Beginning

"Who am I? You sure you wanna know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale, if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world... Somebody lie-" the voice was cut of when my dad shut off the TV.

"Dad!" I yelled, "I was watching that!" He glared at me.

"Stop being lazy, Jessica! Go outside! You've only got one more day in England!" He said to me, walking out of the room, with the remote in his hand.

Hi, my name is Jessica, 'Jessie', Phillips. I'm a tall 15 year old high school student with black hair and green eyes. I used to go to Grayhall Secondary school, before my family packed up their things and moved us halfway around the world! You see, 5 years after a purple alien called Thanos made half of the world's population disappear, the Avengers brought everyone back. But later, they fought a great battle and lost many heroes, including the Black Window, Vision and Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. In your world, this is in a series of movies. But this story isn't in your world, it's in mine, where it's reality. I'm sure you're thinking, "After that, Peter Parker fights Mysterio and his identity is revealed!" But this doesn't happen in my world, because the school decided that, instead of travelling abroad, we should go to a museum! And this event would create a new story, a new villains and a new hero!

The next day, I had to wake up at 4:00 in the morning to catch a bus to an airport in London so we could get on our plane for an eight hour flight to New York. Because of the time difference, it was already midnight. When we arrived at our new house, it was 1 am!

"Dad, can we just take your mattresses up to our rooms and unpack tomorrow?" My older sister, Jane, asked.

"I'm exhausted!" I yawned. He nodded and gestured towards two single mattresses. I struggled and limped under the weight of mine. My sister, on the other hand, had pulled her own up easily and was now helping my dad and step-mother carry their own king-sized matress. "Jane!" I yelled up the stairs.

She staggered to the top of the stairs, wiping sleep from her eyes, "What do you want nerd?"

"Can you help me with my mattress? I can't even get it up the stairs!" I asked, hopefully.

"Ask Dad," she said nodding towards his bedroom, where I could already here him obnoxiously loud snoring. I looked desperately to Jane, but she had already retreated to her room.

"You could have said No" I grumbled, struggling up the stairs, dragging the mattress behind me. After a while, I managed to drag it into the room. Despite both of our pleads, I was forced to share a room with Jane.

The next morning, I was awoken by a knock a door. I turned my sister's mattress. She was still fast asleep. I opened the bedroom door, expecting to see my dad, but nobody was there. I went down the stairs, jumping down the last few steps. I stumbled as I landed unevenly and rushed to the door. As I opened it, I saw a 30 or 40 year old woman with a brown-haired boy about my age.

"Hi there, I'm May Parker and this is my nephew Peter," the woman said.

"I'm Jessica Phillips," I replied.

"Nice to meet you, I saw the moving truck yesterday, did you just move in?" Peter said.

"Yeah, I didn't think anyone was awake at that time" I said.

"I'm a night owl, I guess," He smiled. I giggled. May nudged him and he lifted up a basket of random items.

"Thanks!" I said, taking the basket from him. For a second, he kept hold of the gift. "My parents should wake up soon, do you want to go inside and wait for them?"

"If it's alright," May said.

"No problem at all!" I replied, "make yourselves comfortable and I'll tell everyone you're here; just a warning though, my family can be a little bit chaotic in the morning." When I lead them into the house, I could tell that my dad had woken up last night and put in all the furniture, but I could hear that nobody else was awake so I assumed he had gone back to bed.

"I'll be right back," I told them before running up the stairs and first into my room. "Jane, we have company, get dressed before you come down." I yelled into her room. I did the same with the rest of my family and headed back downstairs.

"They'll come down in a few minutes, do you want something to drink?" I asked

"No thanks," they both replied.

"What school will you be going to, Jessica?" May asked politely.

"Midtown Tech, I think." I answered.

"That's where Peter goes!" she exclaimed.

"At least I'll know somebody there," I said, "if you couldn't already tell by my accent, I've just moved over from England." We talked for a while until soon they left.

"Oh!" Peter said before he left, "Tomorrow, Midtown is having a school trip, they'll probably let you come along. But just in case, I'd ask your parents to call the school."

"Thanks, Peter, hopefully I'll see you around school!" I smiled before he turned and left.

"He's nice" said my step-sister, Amy.

"Yeah..." I murmured, "Really nice."

(Author's Note: In MCU terms, this is basically a What if...? for Far From Home. MJ knows that Peter is Spiderman but their not dating, just to clear that up)

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