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Book 1: Within the MoonShine pack, Shawn Powell is known for being one of the strongest alphas in the pack, after his eldest brother who happens to be Alpha. Shawn only cares about the safety of the pack and the warriors within it. He is a perfectionist at heart and never breaks any rules. He only cares about making sure all the warriors are in best shape for anything that could threaten his pack. Angel Castro-Estrada, is a stone faced omega that happens to be going back to the Moonshine pack after 6 years. His unpredictable attitude gets him into trouble as being an omega wasn't enough for him. Angel only wishes to start a new life for himself and become a strong figure within the Moonshine pack and hope to build his status. Everything seems right for Angel until a dark figure from his past comes and destroys his new life before it even started. Updates are earlier on Wattpad

LGBT+ Sadece 18 yaş üstü için.

#bxbwerewolves #omega #alpha #werewolf #gaymates #gay #rejectedmate #mates #trauma #rejected #rejection #alphaxomega #inkspiredpride #lgbtq #manxman #bxb
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Authors Note

Hello Readers! I want to mention a few things before you start reading.

Thank you for choosing and reading my book. I plan to put my heart and soul into my book(s) and hope you really love it. I mean like out of all the bxb books on here, you picked mine which means so much to me. Just thank you and welcome readers.

1. You have stumbled on the path of man-on-man action, meaning that the two protagonist are gay, homosexuals. If you are in anyway uncomfortable with that please do not read any further.

2.This is my very first time writing....well anything, so please correct me on anything (grammar, writing typos, or anything culturally wrong).

3. All grammar Nazi's are welcome here. Just please do not be rude. Again, this is my first time writing anything.

4. #rr - for re-readers PLZ no spoiling if you are one, I don't want any smoke from readers complaining about spoilers so just please don't do it.

#ftr- if you are a first time reader

5. I'll take constructive criticism but this is a 'no negative hate' space. Meaning i don't need anyone saying "the book sucks" or "it's not worth the read." Write those in your diaries of something, but not here. Please, just quietly leave.

Anyways, without further ado readers, please enjoy CHASING MATES.

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