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It was month of November, year 2021. The person whom I loved was dying. The person whom I mean my full life was dying but I became an unknown because I was sitting too far from her. Just waching her suffering in pain. I told her some words to make her believe that I am with her even if I havn't told her something she would believe me because we both have a connection. A never broking connection. Even when she is sitting on the opposite pole we still feel the connection between us. After a half decade I was on my way in car to meet her. In the car I was Thinking how she will be, it can also be that she might have change, her love for me might have changed. But from somewhere inside of my heart a voice came and told me "she still loves you" after hearing these four words my heart was silent. I closed my eyes. Just as i closed my eyes my mother told "we will reach in 5 minutes". I opened my eyes. Seeing the familiar surrounding I closed my eyes and a voice told me "we did it, we have reached, just 5 minutes more" just than a drop from my eyes fall on my hand. I opened my eyes and started looking at the drop of love on my hand. My eyes turning red as i am seeing the drop. I don't want want to cry but my eyes are full ready to cry. Just then my mother told we've reached. I saw outside everthing is so familiar. I came out from the car. I was about to cry so I went to take bags and other things from the back of car. Just the time I started moving after taking the bags a very familiar sound called my out. I saw at front and she came to me. When she hugged me tears started to roll down from my eyes. I immediately wiped them away because I don't want to show her that i am weak. After hugging she took the big bag from me and started moving while i was at the back. When i entered the apartment my both cousin sisters rushed to me hugging me tightly. "You are well prepared to kill me" I said laughingly. Then I went into the room where my special one was playing. He was of 5 months when I meet him for the first. I took him in my arms and he started giggling. I was so happy to be with my beloved ones. Now lets meet in chapter 2. soon publishing.

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