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A Child Was Born

My story begins in Cleveland Ohio, were I was brought into this world. It was February 12th, 1979 at Fairview Hospital when my mother gave birth to me. I wasn't really sure if she was truly happy about having me or if things were truly bad in her life that she chose to give me up. Yes my mother chose to give me up to an orphanage. I wasn't sure on when she gave me up, but I known I was really young. It wasn't too long before I was placed in a foster home, where later I was adopted by the family. The family that adopted me had two sons and a daughter, and lived on the westside of Cleveland. We had lived in Cleveland for a very short time before we ended up moving. I have some memories of growing up in Cleveland, but for the most part I was still young. I remember the house we lived in had stairs that weren't stright coming down, but not really a spiral either. I remember the house had a basement were I spent most of my time playing in boxes and with my kitchen set. I remember some boys in the neighborhood that weren't to nice and would chase me with knives. I remember going to McKinley Elementary school, where my adopted father was a teachers aid. I wasn't at the school very long before we had moved to Brook Park, Ohio. In Brook Park, that is were my story truly begins, and it is not just a story that had changed my life forever, but a story that had caused many scars that won't heal. We will get to all that later, in my book. So lets talk about Brook Park. Brook ark was a nice place to grow up in, it had many playgrounds near or home and much to do. Our house in Brook Park was amazing, it had a above ground pool in the backyard, fireplace downstairs and it kinda reminded me of the White House with the way it looked on the outside. The neighborhood was decent and both my elementary school and middle school were both down the street that I could walk too. In elementary school I remember meeting my first crush, how we use to hold hands in story time and how he would chase me around on the playground. I remember in elementary school cracking my chin open and needing stitches. We were playing around the world, when I was swinging on two desks and went forward down on my chin. I remember not just being embarrassed, but all the blood coming from my chin to the floor. I remember having many friends in elementary school. The one friend I had named Jamie was simply amazing. Jamie was born with Hunington's disease, which her nerve cells in her brain would break down over time causing her to have trouble walking and to gain her angel wings in middle school. Jamie was a friend that everyone should have. She was kind hearted, funny and loyal. When Jamie passed in middle school, it hurt badly. So lets move on to my middle school years, which you might want to grab some tissue because some parts I struggle with both talking about and mentally. Ok so not all of my middle school years were bad, there were also time that were great. I was really involved in many different things when I reached middle school. I was in cheerleading for the Brook Park rec. I was in swimming and diving, I played softball, was in gymnastics, was in little theater, both tap and ballet, 4-h, volunteered at the Berea animal shelter and would go to the park for there summer program. I am not gonna lie, I stayed pretty busy. In middle school is were my crush and I decided to end it. I did however have a new crush that was super sweet, but also a little younger then me, that made it not last long. So here is when you might want to grab some tissues, because things are about to be not just emotional, but starts to be were my scars start to form. Before I start my next chapter, I want to really focus on why I chose to write this book, I chose to write this to help tell my story and to help others that might have similar story's. On to the next chapter of my life.

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