Shilo Willingham

Stellar has always felt unusual, but when she makes a new friend, and they go hunting, she realizes she may be more unusual than she thought. As she travels to seek help on how to get rid of this burden she starts to realize maybe it isn't as bad as she thought, but when she meets Alex, things take an unexpected turn. Embark on this journey and find out Stellar's fate.

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Chapter One

It started like any other day. I was sitting alone in the park early in the morning. There's no one around except for the birds, but even they fly away. I've got no friends to hang out with and no parents to comfort me. My adoptive family tries to talk to me, but I always shut them out. I haven't talked to anyone since last year when my parents died in a car crash. I just walked home and went straight to my room.

I heard a knock on my door. "Stella, can I come in?" It was Tevin, my little brother. We were lucky to both be adopted. "Sure," I said. He came in. "Hey," I said. "Did you need something?" I asked. "No, I just wanted to hangout," he replied. "Oh, okay, um, what do want to do?" I asked. "Do you want to play a board game, or play outside?" He asked. "Do you want to go hunting in the woods?" I offered. "Yes!" He happily replied. We used to go hunting all the time, my adoptive parents don't have a problem, as long as we're happy. "I'll grab the rifles and get them loaded, you can get the gear, okay?" I ordered. "Alright!" he replied. I'm older than Tevin by four years. I'm 15, but in two weeks I'll be 16. I loaded the rifles and Tevin and I ran off into the woods. We spotted an elk, and I got him right in the eye, which plunged right into his brain. "Wow, great shot," Tevin whispered.

We went home and like always, I went straight to my room and said nothing to my adoptive parents.

An hour later someone knocked on my door. "Stella, honey, are you coming down to dinner?" asked my adoptive mother. "Give me a minute," I replied. I stepped out of my room and went down to dinner. "Chicken again?" I asked. "I'm sorry dear, I can make you something else. What would you like?" Asked my adoptive mother. "Nothing, I think I'm just going to go to my room now," I replied. "Okay, goodnight," said my adoptive father. "Goodnight," I said.

"Grrrrrr!" I heard. "Wha- What was that?" I asked. "Where am I?" I asked. Deep dark woods. "Grrr!' I hear again. It's sounded very close. I looked around, but saw nothing. I heard a growl once more. Then I realized, it was coming from me. Suddenly I spotted a buck, and before I knew it, I was running on all fours, charging at the buck. He started running, but he was too slow. I suddenly sunk my teeth into him, and ripped him apart. "Ahh! what just happened!" I looked around and realized I was in my room. "It was just a dream," I reassured myself. Suddenly My adoptive parents barged in. "Are you okay?!" They asked. "Yeah, I just woke up from a nightmare," I said. "Oh, okay, well, goodnight, we'll see you in the morning." they said. They closed the door, and I went back to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and got ready for school. I was looking in the mirror, when I noticed something on my hand. I looked at my hand and realized it was blood, and it was running up my arm. "How did that happen?" I asked myself. I washed it off and walked out the door, and made my way to school.

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