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Hip Hop Lyrics flipping the script on a toxic industry in addressing their negativity. Free Your Mind. ☝️❤️

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Toxic Rap [Hip Hop Lyrics]


I'm not trying to be an asshole.

I'm not tryin to be mean.

I'm breakin' into the scene,

but no, I'm not green.

I gotta holla at y'all...

Why y'all so obscene?

I've seen thirty years of

this rap.

Now it's all toxicity.

How many artists you know

these days that can carry

the title, O.G.

Most of these rappers are

dead by their thirties,

Except for notorious celebrities.

This music is sounding the same

to me.

The same cars, same styles,

same personality.

What happened to the pioneers

who won on originality.

It's the same bars, same smiles, and

the same narcissistic fiends.

Like Slim Shady said, Pay attention


You're saying the same mother fukkin'

thing that he said.

Listen to what she said...

More gossip from an airhead.

I swear you all need to find something

to do,

This how shit talkers wind up dead.

and take that autotune shit outtcha

mouth, you sound like an intoxicated


Hollywood auditions start at noon...

How many artists' been bought.

Don't get caught in a dress, I must

address this demasculization.

This to me, is just another attack

on what used to be a strong nation.

I was just a teenager when House

Party was the shit.

All the kids were battlin' yeah,

breakdancing with their fly chicks.

I watched as early Hip Hop and Rap

started to evolve in the streets.

From U.T.F.O. to N.W.A. and now to

these troll looking, tattooed ass freaks.

What the fukk happened, is all I can


Don't worry about white people

destroying the culture.

We should be more concerned

with these Luciferian Jewish vultures.

It ain't no secret that most of the

media and industry is run by Jews.

I ain't tryin to be anti-Semitic, I'm

just sick of this shit on my shoes.

They gives no fukks about who is who.

They want control of what you do.

Yeah, you'll get that money...

but that money's fake too.

Just like the over value of a pair

of Nike shoes.

If this is what you choose, I'm out!

I refuse to support a culture that

forgot what it's about.

I got clout and the balls to say

how I feel.

No one ever gonna take from me,

what they cannot fukkin' steal.

I'll make a meal outta this genre,

'Cause I got hunger in my bones.

So go home where it's safe,

or prepare to get owned.

Too many piss and moan,

But now that I've shown ya.

Maybe you could attone,

You should have known,

that I'd school ya.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

April 26th. 2022 ©

M.C.🎼M.Savage 🤟🎼🎶🎶🎶

[email protected]

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