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A life that starts with a twist. Two babies kidnapped and taken at birth not always knowing life's worth. Through all of their battles they find hope, hope through a higher power also known as their heavenly father. These two girls have to fight for their lives and rely on each other. Meet the A+B twins... let the adventures begin.

Anı & Hayat Hikayeleri 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil. © Emily

#mygrandmasstory #truestory #acrazylife
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We started as the A and B twins. we had no name, how were we supposed to get a name when nobody knew us or even where we came from.

It all started in Grand Rapids Michigan, I don't know exactly what happened, our birth giver was in labor that's all I know. There was a crash, She gave birth on impact! I, Twin B was up under the seat while twin A was on the floorboard crying. This lady ran to the car. she said she was with the Salvation Army. From there she took us and ran, she ran to Indiana where we were raised in the scariest and most difficult situation ever...

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