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Not too long after the Ender Dragon's defeat, Steve and Alex are a happy couple. They befriend a new person named Technoblade, who stays with them long enough to build his own house. But, when they find his history within his journal, they might have a bigger boss than the Ender Dragon. NOTE: This is a fan-made series of the game Minecraft of the Dream SMP, but I have a note for this book specifically. I am aware of the news of Technoblade and I will honor him in this book and future books.

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Steve and Alex take a stroll down the forest. Steve finds a group of parrots. "Hey, do you think we should take these parrots as one of our pets?" Steve asked. "Well, I'm thinking we tame a wolf," Alex said. "Oh, when I read the book, I also discovered that these creatures in the Nether called Hoglins can be bred with fungi. Maybe we can do it?" Steve said. "Oh, yeah," Alex agreed. "First let's get some armor in case-" Just as she spoke, they both heard a noise. "What's that sound?" Steve asked. "We did defeat the Ender Dragon, did we?" Alex said, "Yeah, but I don't think that's from there. I think-" Steve immediately yelled, "INCOMING!" Alex got startled. They both got down under a tree. Somebody jumped down from the sky. He pulls an insane water bucket, keeping him alive. "Are you ok?" Alex asked. "Yes, I'm fine," he says in a deep voice. When he looks up, Steve and Alex see his face. He is reminiscent of a pig, but can talk. He is wearing a crown and a red coat that makes him look like a king. Steve asks, "Wait, why are you-" He cuts him off. "It was a science experiment gone wrong." Alex said, "Well, it was nice meeting you. Come on Steve." They both started to exit. "Wait," he said. They both stopped. "Listen, I know this is odd, but can I stay with you guys for a while? Not for long, just until I can make a new house for myself." Steve says, "But we don't even know who you are. How do we know for sure you can be trusted?" He says, "Alright, I'll spread out my info right now. My name is Technoblade."

MINECRAFT The Book 2: Across The Dimensions

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The Dream SMP
The Dream SMP

A new age for all of Minecraft. Join Dream Trap and his friends to embark on several adventures, which require having fun, skills, and maybe a bit of intelligence. RELEASES IN JANUARY 2023 Hakkında daha fazlasını okuyun The Dream SMP.