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Living in a world of nothing but stars far from Earth. Living everyday like a dream. But would you be happy if you were the only one there. That’s what it’s like for toria a lonely girl living in a world of stars. But then there is Andrew who lives on Earth. Who from time to time gets frequent visits from a strange girl in his dreams. Author note: I am so sorry as I’m proof reading before I publish I’m starting to realize that this novel is not very good. I apologize for the large amount of dialogue.🫠 Also go check out my in progress story the hanging garden that moves north.😄

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Lonely stars

I live every day like a dream it's so beautiful and the glowing of the stars light up my heart. there's just one problem I'm all alone.

The only time I see people are in their dreams. A brief moment of but a minute. I can see the person for a minute.

Then I must exit their dreams or I could be trapped in an endless loop of what they're dreaming of. I often wonder if there is a way I could visit Earth other than through dreams. To meet people more importantly to find love. I've been in dreams where people fall in love but I want to feel it for myself.

I want to live some of the dreams I visit.

"oh in fact someone is having a dream right now." It was a boy around my age at least 20. "he's having a nightmare."

That was it for the first time in my life I could see the bed he was sleeping in the way he looked. He is very handsome.

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