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About a father who tries to survive with his son against the world of horde of zombies

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Time Limit : The Arrival

Arriving slamming on the brakes I told my son, "ok remember we have to be quick, once we get to the door the time starts," ok dad, Danny replied. "Ok lets go, Ju.ping out of the car we ran up to the garage, I triad to open the garage but it was Locked Danny walked over to the front door placing his hands over the glass as he.looks in," It looks secure, clear, I told him, "ok, I distracted by a van few meters away as I walked over finding a machete sticking out from the bed, I grabbed it as Danny open the front door entering the house, I looked over " Danny, wait, Danny had walked in as I rushed over to the door, whispering to Danny " son, go around to the garage and unlock it, Danny turned back "ok dad, I nodded my head as I went back to the garage door, Looking around, I kept an eye out when I heard a thump and movement inside, I whispered as loud as I could " Danny, but didn't get a response, so I looked around and I hurried inside, making my way around the back when I approached the back door, carefully and quietly as I approached the door I whispered " Danny, getting no response, I peeked my head around as I heard crunching, entering the garage it was dark, I turned on the torch as I shined it all around, Suddenly I spotted a figure over in the light realizing noticing my boy Danny deceased I screamed " No, The figure stood up turning as I stared at the zombie, the zombie attacked as I fought back striking at the zombie putting it on the ground as I killed it, kneeling down I glanced over noticing my boy was deceased and ripped apart,

Crying out in grief the trauma I'm feeling is cutting right through me, I had to pull my self together and gathered the items and stood over my sons body as I decided to bury my son in the back yard of this house.

Digging a hole in the garden right next to a pond and garden of roses, I placed my son in the hole covering him as I shovel dirt with each scoop, Finishing, as I made a cross, I stuck it next to the fence at his head rest, standing their saying a pray for him, I heard a explosion close by, reacting as I turned I spotted a cloud of smoke over the fence in the distance, I looked down at the grave saying " I love my son, I walked away not looking back as I grabbed what I need and left the house, Standing on the drive way looking up and down the street I decided to take a side walk way that leads to the main road, walking around the corner walking through I hear screaming and loud tire screeching as I moved close to the wall' peeking my head scooping the area making sure it was sade before running across the road and into the thick landscape of the woods, Disappearing between the trees.

copyright Jasondunn 2020

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