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All I remember is you driving away

At six years old

in the middle of the night

I was so cold

And in such freight

What kind of mother does that

I guess I’ll never know

Your words fall flat

What does that show

I know one thing

Your love isn’t what it supposed to be

I was a little girl wondering my worth

you never liked me

you called me a twerp

u told me u hated me cuz I looked like my dad

I even knew that was bad

now that I’m grown

all i know

is what was shown

a mother can never love her kids

cuz all she cares about is herself

it was drugs u kept on the shelf

you traded me for drugs to whoever had them

what does that do to someone

it messes a person up

so when u ask yourself why don’t I have u in my life

u can say i did it yup

and that’s why I’m in strife

but all this anger I have deep inside

has one answer I can confide

it’s this I say to you

I forgive you

and it’s not for you it’s for me

because I need to be set free

from all this pain

and all these bad thoughts in my brain

so I forgive u

so I can be forgiven

when I get to heaven

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