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The city Kanto was known for birthing football prodigies, a select few born in that city had an ability awaken inside of them every time they stepped on the field, but as the city became well known and strong the top prodigies from the school all left to make a name for themselves somewhere else instead of sharing the spotlight causing the Kanto school super team to be destroyed but the young prodigy Jacob has just graduated 8th grade and now brings hope to the Kanto school team, can Jacob live up to his status, will he be able to beat the other prodigies in the country, and will he achieve his goal of becoming the G.O.A.T of football

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Kanto City, the city of football itself, Kanto was sprinkled with young prodigies everywhere. The high school team, "The Reptiles", was unstoppable everyone on the team was phenomenal in their own way whether it was throwing, catching, running, or even tackling they were all greats but soon the stage wasn't big enough for all of them and they departed to find their own glory leading their own teams and left the "Kanto Reptiles" in disarray but a glimmer of hope approaches; Jacob Jones a star receiver in the making has just graduated 8th grade and is coming to Kanto High his goal, to become the g.o.a.t of football. High school football as everyone knows it is about to change.

How To Play

Football is played on a 100 yard field by two teams consisting of 11 players each, one on offense and the other on defense. The objective of the offensive team is to move the football to the opponents end zone to score a "touchdown" (each touch down is worth 6 points) The way the offensive team moves the ball down the field toward the end zone is in two ways either the quarter back throws it to a receiver or gives it to the running back to run with the ball. The offense has 4 chances or "downs" to get the ball past 10 yards of the field using the two methods, if they can accomplish that then their chances are reset, if the team gets close enough they can kick a field goal where the field goal kicker kicks the ball toward the goal posts, if he can manage to get the ball in between both goal posts they gain an extra 3 points. The defenses job is to prevent the offensive team from gaining 10 yards down the field the way to do that is to either tackle the quarter back before he can throw the ball, stop the receiver from catching the ball, or catch the ball themselves gaining an "interception" and granting their team possession of the ball and switching over to offense. The players commonly on offense are the quaterback who throws the ball to the open receiver to gain yards, the wide receivers who run down the feild and catch the ball from the quaterback, slotback who act as wide receivers only are stationed closer to the quaterback for shorter distant throws, the offensive linemen who are position infront of the quarterback and protect him from the defensive linemen who are trying to tackle him, and the running back who takes the ball and runs down the feild to gain more yards. The players commonly on defense are; the defensive lineman who are trying to get past the offensive linemen and tackle the quaterback, and the defensive backs guarding the wide receivers tasked with stopping them from catching the ball.

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