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Walking home from work when Myla met the man who she thought was the one

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It was a cool Halloween night when Myla was on her way home from working the night shift. she turned down the cemetery's path she heard footprints following her, she turned around to see a shadow man creeping up behind her so she picked up the pace as the shadow man got closer. She tripped over the rock behind her.

Before she went down, there was a hand that emerged from the shadows and caught her arm. when she looked up she locked eyes with the shadow man. He was tall, muscular with a sharp jaw line, and a built Greek god like body and piercing ice black eyes.

In the most silkiest smooth voice he asked “are you ok?” with that phrase she had a massive silent orgasm. In a weak reply she said“yes”He offered to walk her home and she reluctantly agreed....

15 minutes later they arrived at her apartment building and he said“goodnight”she called after him“I forgot to ask your name!“.He stopped and walked back to her and responded“Kyle. what about you?”"Myla, would you like to come in?” “I would but I have to work early in the morning so how does tomorrow at 7:30pm sound.”

“I end my shift at the strip club at 7:00pm so yeah that’ll work perfectly fine.”

After they said their goodbyes she turned into her apartment and slid the door shut. she then proceeded to her room and went to her bedside drawer and pulled out a pink vibrator and had some fun just thinking about Kyle for the next three hours.

The next evening she met Kyle at the strip club and they made their way back to Myla's apartment where they shared coke and rum with popcorn and watched young Frankenstein.

after the movie, she looked over at Kyle and he pulled her in for a kiss and they ended up making out. With his lips still locked on hers he picked her up and carried her to her bedroom and laid her on his bed and started undressing her. once his hands felt her smooth soft skin his kisses started to make his way down her body stopping at her clit. Through the moans that were caused by his fingers sliding in and out of her soft clit she begged of him to not lick her clit bc she couldn’t take the pleasure anymore.

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