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In Japan the boy named George and his beautiful girl friend named Grace had a terrible break up after George found out Grace & 3 other people had been the one to kill his brother. George had made his life only focus on why they did it and who where the other people.

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Before "IT" happened

Day 1. It was a beautiful sunny day, the birds were flying, and the wind was smooth. Meanwhile in a highschool in Japan, there was a boy named George and he was sitting next to the "prettiest girl in school" which was also seemed to be his girlfriend. When school had ended George and Grace had went to a restaurant called "Isabella's restaurant". When they had arrived and sat down George had noticed that Grace had a red substance on the bottom of her shirt, George said "honey what is that near the bottom of ur shirt". Grace replied "oh it's just some wine I spilt it's fine!", George had then been suspicious about the red spot sense they both ordered soda. George pretended to know what happened and said "I know what you did..". Grace fell for it and whispered to him "I'm sorry for killing your brother" then George said "how could you we are over!" and screams while leaving "SHE'S A MURDERER" while pointing at grace


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