Indrani Choudhary

A story of a 7 years old cute yet poor girl who became rich cause of her innocence.

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Pot Plant.

A cute little 7 years old kind hearted girl named Zoya used to live with her parents her little brother in a village years ago, and because of the fact her father was a labor they used to get very low salary, that’s why Zoya and her brother never went to school, and sometime slept without eating anything. One day Zoya’s father died in an accident at his workplace. Now no-one in their family worked, and getting a job was very difficult, even if it is the job of a labor.

After a month of starving her mother got a job as a maid, her mother took Zoya and her brother to work along with her so that they can get more paid for their hard work. One day Zoya went home very soon compared to other exhausting days as she got some work to do, in her way home she saw a nearly dead plant lying on the road, she decided to take it home for helping it.

She was putting all her efforts to help that plant, she even put it in a plastic pot, she used to go to the river bank 7 kilometer far from where they lived and bought water for the plant and her family, she used to tell all about her day to the plant, she name it as Mr. Road Plant as she met him at the road.

Her kindness was getting paid off as that plant was slowly recovering, it has been a month she is taking care of Mr. Road Plant, and soon that plant fully recovered, She was still taking care of it and after a few weeks she noticed that some flowers started growing on the plant, she was not able to wait for them to bloom, but when the flowers bloomed she was shocked to see that the flowers are now of pure gold, she called her mother,

“Mother see the plant I’ve lately been taking care of has flowers on it and that too of gold” she said in a super exited tone. “Don’t waste my time” her mother replied as who’ll believe it, it is not possible. But when Zoya forced her mother to come with her, her mother was more than in a shock by seeing the scene in front of her, she rubbed her eyes and blinked it twice but still the same view, she quickly plucked the golden flowers and took them to a jeweler to check its price?

“Sir can you tell it’s price?” Zoya’s mother asked to the jeweler.

“Well it is pure and a lot so, it would be more than 80,000 Indian rupees, do you want to sell it?” Zoya’s mother’s jaw dropped as the jeweler answers her question.

From that day they used that plant and became richer than before and unknowingly it’s all because of Zoya and her kindness.

~Indrani Singh~

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