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Two kids came back to their village from cities after years, what do you think there perspectives be like.....?

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Its What you see…

Once upon a time there was a temple in a village at the middle of India, that temple seemed to be more than a thousand year old. Its roof was half, its floors were cracked, the tap inserted in it was also leaking and the most surprising thing was that there live a man in it who was totally brown in color, his hair were white as well, his beard stopped on his foot and was wearing orange colored sari like cloths (traditional women’s cloths) because of the place where that man was living the man was hated by everybody except two families living just a meter away from the temple. In those families there were two kids who lived in cities, they were coming back after a long time studying out of their village. After coming back two days later the kids who are now adults approached the man in that temple. The man took a look at them both and saw that the boy was wearing modern and latest fashioned cloths with lots of gold on his jeans and shirt and the boy from the second family was wearing nasty looking cloths and was not even having any place to live. Then they both went back. But after some time the boy from the first family came to the man and asked “How are the people here?”

“How are the people where you came form?” asked the man to the boy.

The boy replied “They are selfish and fraud they live for themselves.”

“It’s the same kind of people here.” The man replied to the boy and the boy walked away.

The next day the boy from the second family came to the man and asked the same question “How are the people here?”

“How are the people where you came form?” The man again asked.

The boy replied “They are caring, true, and always help people in need whether they get proper facilities or not.”

“It’s the same kind of people here.” The man happily replied to the boy.

MORAL: “There are many types of people in the world selfish, fraud, caring, true or helpful , the point is how you see the world..”

~Indrani Choudhary~

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