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Hello y'all. Well, ever since I published the preface, I've added three more novels. I don't know if I should be dropping teasers or something for parts of the novels that provoke mystery. Yes, there're gonna be suspense in some parts of some novels.

After all, life's not all that glitter and gold or as crystal clear as a filled-up jacuzzi, is it?

That being said, I also think you should go to my profile and like the microfictions. Hehehehe, you could try following me or the novels (whichever way you choose is okay). Remember, we're all entitled to freedom of choice? Yeah😗


And as an author, I understand what's going on in Ukraine right now. It's so sad, and that's why I'm writing a poem in the next chapter.

For the long-awaited full version of my microfiction titled ‘Popular’, which I had already written and kept (but has no time to upload bcos of my novel rush), you can find it... coming two chapters after this one.

Have fun!

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