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Quinn Hayes is the Daughter of a powerful Alpha, but her pack is not the most powerful. The Blood Moon pack reigns over all of the other packs, conquering them and wiping them all out. What happens when Quinn's pack is next? And when her mate happens to be the one and only Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack?

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Chapter 1

It was the start of spring, when my fairy tale started. The weather started getting warmer, the melted snow left behind crystal lakes, and the hum of life was in the air. I had just gone out on a run and entered the pack house, when my best friend Sam told me the news that she and her mate Nick, are having a baby. We jumped for joy like we were little kids again, however, I wasn't surprised that she was already expecting even though they only met two weeks ago.

Sam is not the type of person to wait, even though she was only seventeen. Her still-fresh mark showed on the back of her neck from behind her bouncing blonde hair as we jumped up and down. Don't get me wrong, I was overjoyed for Sam, but I had other things on my mind. I had a bad feeling about today for some unknown reason.

"So Quinn, when are you going to finally find your mate?" Sam questions me as soon as her mate pulls her away, his hand wrapping around her waist protectively.

I shrug, "You know I've looked around everywhere. But I can't control these things."

"I bet that he's going to turn up any second! Just wait till you can have your own pups!" Sam trills, trying to cheer me up from my sudden gloomy mood.

"Maybe." I reply halfheartedly, trying to please her.

I have been searching for my mate for almost two years now. As soon as I turned 16 and was able to have a mate, I went searching. But now I'm almost a whopping 18 years old with still no mate.

Sam could tell that I still wasn't convinced, and as always she wouldn't give up. "You want to come with me and Nick to the pool? It could really do you wonders!" She smiles brightly.

"That's alright, I'm just going to lay down." I tell her as nicely as possible. I don't want to end up three-wheeling as usual with the happy couple. I hear they're making wedding plans.

"Okay, call me if you need me." Sam says, looking at me with a sympathetic look that I hate.

She always says that, but I know that she'll be busy for a while based on the looks that Nick is giving her.

I trudge back to my room, right next to my parent's room, the Alpha and Luna. You can imagine how horrid that sounds, and it's as bad as you think. I can never forget the sounds coming from their room in the middle of the night. I shudder just thinking about it.

My room is the second biggest room in the whole pack house, my parents' being the biggest. My favorite color is pale blue, so of course, that color is all over my room.

I have my very own walk-in closet and bathroom in my room, marble counters, white and lavender furniture, and pale blue walls and sheets. Every iconic teenage girls' dream. Not to mention the secret room inside one of my bathroom cabinets. That's where I go to escape the world.

I crawl through a cabinet with a hole in the back of it, into another spacious room with bookshelves and fairy lights covering one wall, pictures of me and Sam on another, and a platinum tv with a white feathery love-sac in front of it, all laid out on plush carpet.

Might I add that our pack is rich, but not the most rich pack in our area. In other words, I'm very lucky.

I make it to the love-sac and plop down on it, soon forgetting myself in a good book, getting caught up in another person's world.

By the time that I end up finishing the book, it's dark outside, and probably time for dinner. I say one last goodbye to my heavenly safe place, and go downstairs to the dining room. The whole pack is already there, conversing as I make my way to the buffet table.

Glancing around after I get my food, I spot Sam and Nick near the head of the table by my parents in their usual spot. Nick is also the Beta, my Dad's right hand man, so he gets to sit with his mate in the section where the wolves with the most power get to sit.

Sam's eyes light up when she spots me, immediately making room for me to take a seat next to her.

"...the Northern packs want to meet in this location, but that's where most of the fighting will take place is my guess.."

"Should we go? I mean our numbers are.."

I hear Alpha and Nick discussing what I'm guessing is important Alpha ranked news about the current war happening between the three Northern packs and the Blood Moon pack. The two men stop talking when they see me sit down, looking at them curiously.

"Sooooo...." I start off, picking at my food, my mind once again distracted by the threat hovering over all of the packs.

The Alpha clears his throat before nodding his head towards me, "Quinn, we think that you should know that the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack is coming in two weeks to have a meeting on the war, possibly to sign a peace treaty. I thought you ought to know."

My eyes are practically bulging out of my head, and I don't care or notice if my mouth is hanging open.

"You mean the Alpha Jace, from the pack that wants to kill us all, is coming here to what - talk about whether or not he wants us all to die?!" I gasp, dumbstruck.

How could my father let that happen? I mean, I thought he was supposed to protect the pack from forces of evil, but here he is, announcing that he's going to let the most dangerous man in all of the werewolf world walk right into our front doors? I knew something bad was going to happen today.

The Alpha's lips form a thin line, and he gives me a simple fast nod of his head. "You can't tell anyone this, you should know to prepare yourself, since you will one day become the Luna of this pack."

I look towards Sam, who doesn't acknowledge this doomed visit whatsoever, currently stuffing her face with food like she didn't hear a word of it.

I'm so caught off guard with this, dread twisting in my stomach for some unknown reason. I don't even know why I feel like this, nervous? Or fear that I'm going to die? I have no idea, it could be both.

I have never met the Alpha from the Blood Moon pack before. All I know about him is that his pack is the strongest and most populated pack there is, because he uses his power to take over other packs. And right now the war is because he made it known that his next targets are the three Northern packs that occupy the Virginia mountains. And I'm in one of those packs.

All of a sudden I realize why I felt this way, because I know in my gut that he's not coming here to reason. He's coming here to slaughter us all.

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