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Destined For Greatness

Brittany, your name commands brilliance , radiating , intelligent , trustworthy,thrilling, adventurist , nimble-minded, and young at heart.Where would one start to describe the purest form of beauty, a magnificent spiritual oneness and a heart so full of love and caring that it would seem impossible to have any single vessel capable of containing such immense and powerful emotions.One thinks of her person and sees a queen over all mankind.A goddess over the universe divide.A lover of all things living, and those that have gone to the other side.She was created with a purpose, a predestined rise to master of the arts, elder of the spirits, controller of the energies that make up all things of this world and the expanse of the ever expanding universe and beyond.She is elevated above all others.She maintains the essence of all life.Her ultimate purpose is unknown yet at the same time destined for all greatness.

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