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Lustfull mind

Up early. Things on my mind.

I can't believe I'm going through this again "one more time". She tells me that she loves me. I barely even know her. Most times I say what I have to say and give them the cold shoulder. After sex, late night, spooning on the sofa. I want to look her in the eyes im asking her to turn over. Telling her it's over without things getting ugly. I suppose at that point I should offer her some cab money. But when she looked me in the eye her face had a glow. It's like she already had an idea but really didn't know. I'm thinking, planning my words closely. sparked up a loosie, started off Like "It's not you it's me". Maybe in another lifetime or maybe in another dream though it isn't likely because I try not to sleep. I know that I'm beautiful but I'm humble about my past. this isn't the first time and it surely isn't my last. I say what they want to hear till they give up their passion and try my hardest never to see them again when I dash.

Gone, feels so right but I know it's wrong you look in the mirror and pinch your face but it's numb. It's lust but it plays love. I'm just a growing product of where I came from. Im just a product of dudes who need to wake up, unfulfilled, I only get to see my kids on my paystubs. This is real, spit it and I feel it in my taste buds then take a pic and post it up on Facebook....

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