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This is a scary story about humans and vampires. The humans decided to go to war with the vampires to obtain their blood, but they didn’t last long. ;)

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Screens of death

After the full scale war between the vampires and the humans, the after math was the worst part. The vampires had won the war.

unfortunately for them a few of the last surviving humans escaped, with a jar of vampire blood. The main reason that the vampires went to war with the humans was because the humans wanted their blood. Why they wanted it the vampires had no idea, but they fought to keep their powerful blood.

The humans that escaped took the jar to the scientists lab so that the scientist could examine the blood. When he examined the blood he found that the blood was full of mostly dark matter. The humans were amazed at this, so much so that they began to fight over the blood. Unfortunately they did not know the power it truly holds.

Their want for the blood quickly became a craving and they battled. They battled like never before, but not against another enemy but amongst themselfs. They soon became obsessed with the vampire's blood, and it's power of destruction.

The vampires soon found out about the blood. They knew that the humans would destroy themselves fighting over the blood. So they waited for the last survivor to come to their lair, and then they would destroy him.

As the last survivor went to the vampire's lair, thinking he was invincible. He saw that the lair seemed empty, so he busted the doors open. That's when all of the vampires attacked him and regained their blood.

If you want to know where the last survivor went check in the bellies of the beasts.


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Horror writer Hello, I love to write stories but occasionally I can get carried away with other things. So I’ll try my best to update my stories on time.

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