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Five years ago the Arcana’s landed and took over humanity. Erazen is a young Human Turned elf that just escaped from the Arcana’s lab. He is learning how to deal with his new life and with the help of his new family learn how to feel safe, loved, and protected.

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The war

dear diary

it was five years ago that the arcana people came to earth. at first they seemed nice but we were wrong. They brought their leader and that is when they started to change. They were more hostile and threatening. We should have realized it sooner but now it is too late. After nearly two years of war the arcana’s won. They captured all the remaining humans for experiments and testing…I was able to get away. Last year their methods started getting more and more animalistic, they forgot to lock my cell so I made a run for it. They think I died…it is creepy being out here again because their are monster like beings living in our cities, and nature has taken over. Trees and vines are climbing up buildings and the air is sweeter than I remember. I got to look at myself for the first time today … it was in a lake but the arcana’s changed me. My normally short brown hair is now pure white and I have pointed ears like an elf or a fairy I am also now 10 years old. Today I found a elven village and I was adopted by my two fathers Aregon and Mykreal. I also made a friend his name is Tera. I told my parents and Tera about my past but they didn’t care because I am now their son. I couldn’t remember my name so they gave me a new one …. Erazen. I wonder what my new life has in store.

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This is AMAZING!
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