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Sands Of Stardust Part 1

out the region like an intense blizzard made of sand. A figure walks through it unaffected, as if shielded by the millions of sand grains wisping around him. The figure walked with the storm until finding a small brick house outside a nearby village. The hooded man stepped inside, the house seemed like it had been forgotten long ago.

The man wore a hooded-cloak that nearly matched the color of the sand, he wore matching boots and gloves with black pants, keeping his face hidden aside from his mouth. The inside of the house was only twice the size of a shed, basically just a bedroom.

Deep in the western desert of Egypt, a sandstorm rages through

A bed-shaped form of sand manifested in the corner of the room as the hooded-man laid down on the pile before falling asleep from exhaustion...

CHAPTER 1 A Growing Pain

After a long and well needed sleep, the mysterious meta-human walked outside as night was beginning to fall. He made his way towards the small village with the sandstorm quickly dying down, his cloak blowing in the breeze as he reached the large stone walls of the village. There were two men guarding the entrance. Both wore long white robes wielding a sword.

“Welcome to Kusmerna, please stand still so we may search for any weapons or dangerous items” One of the men patted him down but found nothing besides a water canteen.

“He’s clear”

“Alright, welcome to Kusmerna, but I got my eye on you” The other guard commented before the man walked past him into the village. The village had stone houses with a few small merchet stands. A lot of the structures very close together instead of big gaps. As the man made his way through the sandy streets, he noticed a man dressed in a black robe that kind of made him stick out, he ran past a man who held a sack of coins and ran off with them.

The hooded figure gave an annoyed expression before his body began to become a flow of sand as it rushed through the path past other villagers before reforming his human form right in front of the mugger. Before the thug could respond, the meta-human back-handed the thug across the face, causing him to fall onto his back and drop the coins. Picking them up, the meta-human walked back over to the victim, handing him the sack of coins.

The villager hesitated but thanked him as the man gave him a nod. Just before the figure left, the villager asked: “May I know your name stranger?”

“Stardust” The meta-human replied before walking away. The villages always had troubles with unforeseen bandits, criminals and has a history of bad omen but the villagers have nowhere else to go as this was not just their home but their heritage...

The villagers were usually maltreated, sometimes left for dead as they were paid peanuts for their labors and in most cases, starves to death. Most times other notable regions not too far away comes to these villages to abduct men and women leaving their children homeless.

Stardust walked through the Village when two guards stopped him pointing their swords towards him. “Halt! We should’ve explained this too you, but we don’t allow meta-humans within this village, ever since the last meta came to Kusmerna. We would like you to leave the village at once.

Stardust frowned clinching his fists but just turned away before a swarm of sand spiraled around him before ascending into the air towards the endless dessert once again. As he soared through the sky with his cape flapping in the wind, he saw something out in the distance. Making his way over, he descended down in front of what seemed to be a large tomb-like structure.

The sand floating around him fell to the stone floor in front of a large steel door. He walked over to the high-tech door, placing his gloved palm against the black door. “Strange, seems it’s a tomb that’s been turned into a base. That’s when the outline of the door lit up before opening.

(I have a bad feeling about this, but I have nowhere else to go) With a sigh, the meta-human walked inside as the door closed behind him with a large hallway with steel walls and tiled floor. Stardust carefully looked around, walking down the empty hallway when all of a sudden, a squad of people in high-tech suits bursts through the steel door in front of him, aiming high-tech guns towards him.

“Freeze! Our leader Konu demands an audience with you!” Sand began to swarm around him once more with his cape whipping around. “If he wishes to speak with me, he can come see me himself without you pawns threatening me!”

“You’ll regret this! Fire!” One of them men commanded. The four guards fired red beams from theirs guns at the meta who formed a thick ball of sand around him as it hardened to the point their beams only cracked or burned it. Meanwhile inside the ball, Stardust clapped his hands together, causing the sand to burst open and flow right for the assailants. The sand began to swirl around them so fast, it kept them from escaping.

“You four stay here while I deal with this “Konu” of yours” Stardust walked past the tapped guards through the steel door that lead down another hallway until he finally reached a large door made of solid gold. Placing his hand against the crack of the door, he transformed his body into pure sand, passing through the thin crack between the doors before reforming his human form in a large room that seemed to be a throne room.

(Now then, their leader should be here somewhere) At that moment, chains made of light energy wrapped around him, binding his arms to his sides as he pulled from the door with a turn that led up to the throne with a masked man dressed in white and gold with a gold crown on his head.

“Welcome fellow meta-human, I sense you’ve been through hardships recently. I’m deeply sorry my men attacked you, but I was trying to get you here so I can help you…you and I are both superior to these mere humans, many of whom don’t appreciate help from us anymore. If they don’t appreciate us, why bother? We have the power to save or stop the humans. One thing I’ve learned throughout my life: don’t help those who don’t deserve it or wouldn’t do the same for you”

Stardust stood there suspicious of the men, especially the fact he was still bound by the golden chains made of light energy. (Humans, don’t deserve to be helped?)


“Eric, I placed a reservation for a nice romantic dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant after work, hope you make it on time” His wife Terra told him over the phone in their apartment wearing a black dress with long light-brown hair and green eyes. Their son Anthony sat in their small living room watching cartoons wearing a blue shirt and black shorts with short blonde hair. He was only six years old so all he did was usually watch cartoons since he didn’t have many friends.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there as soon as I’m done with work, I love you Terra” Hanging up he went back to work as a gas station cashier. Eric Madison AKA Stardust had black hair with hazel eyes dressed in a white dress shirt with black pants and a red nametag. He did what he always did, checking out customers until about 9 PM then clocked out.

“See tomorrow sir” Eric told his manager before walking over to his black car and driving off. As he made his way to the restaurant, he noticed cop cars surrounding the parking lot. “What’s going on!?” Eric quickly put on his alter ego suit Stardust and ascending into the air towards the roof of the restaurant. “If I tried going in normally, I’m sure the cops wouldn’t let me inside. I need to find Terra and Anthony!”

Stardust converted himself into sand, making his way through the air vent on the roof, falling into the back of the restaurant. Once inside, he reverted back to normal and crouched down towards the dinning room in the middle of the restaurant with a red carped floor with wooden tables all over the large room.

The meta-human saw his wife and son had been taken captive by a trio of men in masks. (I need to get to them before-) Just then a shot shatters a nearby window as a shootout begins between the police and the three men.

“Terra, Anthony!” Eric aimed his palm toward the man in black gripping his wife, sending a wave of sand towards them when a shot comes through the window rights for them. The masked assailant uses her as a human shield. Eric watched as his sand swarm wasn’t thick enough to shield her, the bullet pierced through his sand, hitting her chest.

The sight of his wife collapsing to the floor with blood seeping from her torso, caused Stardust to mentally break. “No…Terra!...I will never forgive you!” The burning rage within him caused a fierce hurricane made of sand to manifest within the restaurant. The three men froze in place seeing the enraged meta-human approaching them blinded by rafe.

“S-stay back you freak!” The thug fired several rounds head on for him just a few feet away. However, the amount of sand blowing around stopped the bullet mid-air with Anthony protected within a barrier of thick hardened layers of sand.

“You bastard.. have made a grave mistake!” Throwing his clinched fists out in opposite directions, the grains of sand formed needle-like projectiles all around them as they launched right for them. The mere humans could only watch as the sand needles pierced right through their bodies several times before they fell to the carpet floor drenched in blood.

“Huff…huff…Serves you right” As he began to calm down, he realized what he had just done and knew he’d be arrested if they find out it was him. With tears in his eyes, he wrote a note to the police to please give Anthony a good family to raise him before leaving the scene as the officers broke down the door rushing into the restaurant…

Eric floated away with tears running down his face as he left…

[End Of Flashback]

Eric began to grow angry towards the humans before taking a deep breath. “No, I shouldn’t be angry at humans just because I couldn’t save my family. Those men got what they deserved...even if it’ll haunt me for the rest of my life. I’m sorry, but I won’t shun others for my failure”

“Hmm, very well...I'm sorry you feel this way” Just then more chains shot out from the ones binding Stardust as they planted themselves in the floor attempting to keep the meta-human in place.

“Tsk, I assure you...keeping me bound in one place...isn’t an easy thing to do” Once more the meta became pure sand, freeing himself from the chains before reforming his human state. “Behold, my 2nd power” Sending a swarm of sand in the light emperor’s direction, it got inside just before the assailant could manifest a complete light barrier.

The sand flowed into the target’s nose as the room abruptly faded into a dark void. “W-what is this!? The black void reverted back to the throne room as he saw Stardust slowly approach him. “You bastard, stay back!” Throwing his hand out towards the fellow meta-human, he tried to summon a light barrier in an attempt to trap him in place, however, for some reason his light powers weren’t working. “What blasphemy is this!? Why can’t I use my powers!?”

Konu watched, frozen in place as his target stepped closer just a foot away. Eric struck the tyrant in the abdomen, knocking the wind out of him as the light emperor fell to his knees gasping for air. “Y-you ungrateful little shit! How were you able to seal my powers away!? I thought sand manipulation was your only power!”

“Wrong, I have one other power that I rarely use unless my opponent seems far stronger or I want to save the effort of fighting head on”

Meanwhile in reality...

Konu stood motionless in place, trapped within a dream-like state as Stardust walked towards the exit. Back in his subconscious, Konu began to realize what was going on. “This place...my abilities, I now know why I can’t use them...this is an illusion” Back in reality, the tyrant slowly began to move, aiming both hands out towards Stardust, realizing all his power at once. Before the meta could counter, he was sealed with a ball of light energy.

(Shit, how could he figure out my ability so quickly!?)

“You should’ve killed me when I was vulnerable, now look how the tables have turned. I shall put you somewhere you can’t interfere with my plans to take over this pitiful world as the strongest meta-human. These humans will know that their only place in this world is beneath my heel”

Stardust was taken beneath the tomb into a dungeon where he was put in a high-tech cell made of red energy. “Don’t bother struggling, these cells are designed to nullify a meta-human's powers to keep them from escaping. Might as well accept your fate” The man in gold walked away as Eric looked around is red glowing cell. He felt dizzy and weak, but knew he shouldn’t give in to the weak feeling.

All around him was thick steel with red energy layered over it. Clinching his fist, he struck the walls beside him with all his strength, the moment his fist made contact with the energy field, he felt as though he were going to vomit as his vision became blurred and he fell to his knees shaking.

“D-damn it...it-it can’t end like this” Right as he lost consciousness, he heard a shockwave of electricity like a power outage before it went black...

After about an hour out-cold, Stardust came to, seeing he was up on a mountain above the desert with a figure standing by a cliff over the desert in the direction of the tomb. What happened...where am I!?” The meta-human quickly got to his feet putting his guard up when the figure in front of him turned to look at him, he wore a white suit with black gloves with glowing blue eyes, he had black hair brushed to the side.

“Sorry about that, you lost consciousness the moment I freed myself from the cell next to yours. My name is Quantum Surge, allow me to tell you what happened...”


Surge sat in the middle of his cell focusing the power within him. (If I can focus on my power long enough, I might have enough to short-sericite the power source of these cells!) Struggling to build up his energy along with his power being drained simultaneously, he could only focus on his building energy with all his focus in hopes it would be enough.

After several minutes, he was sweating and dizzy but knew he couldn’t fail. (Now!) Throwing both arms out, he unleashed a shockwave of power that overloaded the cell’s power, causing all the holding cell’s power to go out. Within a second, he could feel the energy reversing & landing back to him and decided to take this opportunity.

His eyes glowed even more with his Energy more sophisticated. He had drained every inch of Energy in the cells.

Rather than think, he had to teleport to Stardust's cell as stardust was still unconscious as it felt like he was knocked out on his knees. Quickly he transported into the masked man’s cell, putting his palm onto the man’s shoulder, transporting them as far away as he could, ending up on the mountain miles away...

“So that’s what happened”

“Hmph, I didn’t ask for your help...but I appreciate it don’t get me wrong...So what now?”

“I’m part of the Meta-legion, an association of other meta-humans that watches over Egypt for any criminal activity. We detected the small village nearby and I was ordered to check out the surrounding area but was soon captured by the Light emperor or at least that’s what he calls himself. Luckily, focusing my power within myself, I was able to overload the cell’s power supply thus freeing us and escaping just in time. We need to get back to the Meta-Legion and explain the situation to them so we can come back with reinforcements”

CHAPTER 2 The Meta-legion

“Let’s hurry and search for their base before we’re detected”

“Why can’t you just teleport us there? Can’t you teleport anywhere you want?”

“If I don’t know where I am or where the base is from here, I'm unable to teleport us there. All we can do is hope we can find it before we’re located by another unfriendly meta” With a sigh they ascended into the air, but not too high to be easily spotted. As they made their way through the desert with Quantum Surge outlined in a blue aura as he had the ability to fly, while Stardust used the sand all around them to keep him a float along with converting part of his body to sand to make him lighter.

As they flew through the sand filled air, Eric reflected any swarm of sand that tried to block their field of view. After nearly 20 minutes of flying through the endless desert, they spotted a figure standing on a large hill with nothing but sand all around them.

“We should see who they are, maybe they need help” Surge suggested. Stardust argued that the figure could also be another hostile meta just waiting to attack.

“Well...then wait nearby and if things get out of hand, bind him with a surprise attack” Stardust let out an aggravated sigh crossing his arms but didn’t argue any further. He watched s his ally drifted over, descending down to the figure standing in the endless field of sand.

As the figure came into view, he saw it was a man dressed in a tan robe with black hair that blew in the wind with one visible arm that gave off a flame-like aura. Surge touched down behind the man. “Do you need help sir, you’re just standing here all alone which isn’t safe”

Clinching his fist, the man responded in a deep voice: “Don’t concern yourself with me, I can handle myself out here. If I should die...then so be it, I will go willingly.

“I can help you, if I can figure out which direction civilization is, I can teleport us out of here” The man didn’t move from his spot, he just continued: “As I've said, you don’t need to concern yourself with me” Just then a large trail of sand and dust could be seen out in the distance as black vehicles made their way towards them.

“You should go boy...this fight is not yours to settle” However, the young meta-human refused to leave. “No, I will stay and help you, that’s what a true protector does, even if I have to put myself in danger!”

“Heh, fine kid, but don’t say I didn’t warn you” Stardust watched as the four vehicles made their way towards Surge and the stranger. Sensing there’d be danger, Stardust crossed his arms like an “X” Forming a massive dome of layered sand that quickly hardened like a rock the size of a mountain.

Moments later, a loud explosion echoed out in the distance as a assailant had used a rocket launcher to break through the dome just before their vehicles collided with the thick-layered dome. “Damn it!” Stardust took off at full speed, his cape blowing in the wind as he threw his hand out in front of him, forming large spikes of hardened sand as they shot out of the ground all around the drivers, causing one to crash into one while the others managed to dodge or destroy them with their RPG.

Just then one of the vehicles aimed a large machinegun on the top of their car towards Stardust. “Quickly he formed a ball of layered sand around him as thousands of bullets struck and pierced his large barrier. One bullet managed to get through, scrapping across the meta’s cheek before flying out the other end.

Blood ran down his cheek but he ignored it as he could hear the barrage of projectiles hitting his barrier relentlessly. That’s when the assailant on the gun pulled their RPG back out, firing it right for Stardust. Quantum Surge saw the rocket headed right for his ally’s dome of sand and quickly teleported to the projectile. Placing his hand on the side of it, causing it to malfunction and spiraled to the ground, erupting in an explosion between the assailants and the meta-humans.

The men in vehicles finally reached the stranger, surrounding him in their vehicles. They all wore clothing you’d normally see in an apocalyptic world such as their clothing were rusted melt welded together still leaving most of their torso visible.

Their leader stepped out of one of the cars with the thug with the RPG pointing it right at him. Their leader wore a skull mask wielding a large rusty scythe with dried blood on the tip. He also was a tall muscular man with a torn short with black shorts. “Now then Ryder, this is your last chance to accept my offer, either join our syndicate and get paid well, or be killed where you stand”

“If those are my only options...I'd rather die!” Ryder’s left and only arm lit up in a blaze of red flames, lunged straight for the leader of the horde. The thug standing in the car fired another rocket right for him in just a few feet range.

“Shit!” Surge teleported once more to the projectile, only to miss his chance to touch it as it soared pat Ryder, impacting a sand dune right behind him as a strong breeze rushed past him with a dome of light from the explosion appeared before slowly dying down. “Tsk! Move!” Ryder shouted advancing his target once more as the flames engulfing his arm grew more intense.

Surge stepped out of the way as Ryder reached for the leader once more. “Time for you to lose your other arm you fool!” The masked man swung his scythe right for the warrior when Ryder abruptly caught the side of the blade, utterly obliterating it with his fierce flames as the others watched as the weapon became dust, blowing into the wind.

“Now it’s your turn!” The flaming warrior gripped the leader’s face as his flames flowed into the tyrant’s body as his mouth and eyes lit up red before utterly burning until he was nothing but a dark corpse beyond recognition.

The horde of thugs gasped at the sight of their leader dead. “Our master...he’s dead. You bastards!” They all aimed their weapons at Ryder when Stardust came flying towards them, making a fist as all of the thugs were trapped within yet another dome of sand. This time he launched it back the way they came as the sphere of sand disappeared off in the distance.

Touching down in front of him, Eric cracked his neck asking: “Are you guys ok?”

“Yea, thanks...that bastard and his thugs have been following me for some time, I didn’t think I'd finally managed to kill their leader so soon, but I appreciate you help, my name is Ryder glad to meet you”

“I’m Stardust and this is Quantum Surge” The masked man answered pointing to his ally beside him. Ryder let out a faint laugh before telling them: “Thanks again, but I need to go, see you around”

“Wait, you owe us an explanation on why you were being chased by a large group of men planning to kill you!”

“Sigh, fine...you want to know why they were really coming after me for?” Ryder reached into a hidden pocket in his robe, pulling out a golden necklace with a red ruby in the center of it that glistened in the light. “I stole this from a tomb that me and that bastard’s horde raided a few days ago. Sadly, this was the only thing I managed to snatch from the tomb. Their boss found out I was hiding it from him and sent his thugs after me to retrieve it, that’s when you both found me here”

“Let me have a look at it” Stardust asked lending his hand out. Ryder was hesitant but gave the necklace to him as the meta-human carefully examined the relic, it had ancient Egyptian engravings on it, but sadly Eric was unable to translate it. “Hmmm, I can’t seem to translate...can you take us to the tomb where you found this, somewhere there should be a way to figure out what this writing means if it has any significance”

“Wait, what about the meta-legion? Shouldn’t we get in contact with them first so they know we’re ok?” Stardust let out a sigh before turning to Ryder. “Do you know where the Meta-legion base is or at least seen anything that looks like a base?”

“Sadly no, but if it’s anywhere in this desert, I may be able to get their attention even from here. Both of you step back and don’t look up” The pair nodded, Surge covering his eyes with his arm while Eric looked at the ground while Ryder raised his arm to the sky focusing his power into his hand, fierce flames engulfed his arm as he took a deep breath before firing a blast of red flames into the sky. Once it reached the clouds, Ryder clinched his fist, causing the flames to erupt in a blinding burst of light as the entire sky was covered in light before slowly fading.

“Huff...huff...there, if they’re within several hundred miles of here, they should’ve seen or felt something that powerful. Sadly, it took all I had so I'm going to...going to-” Without another word, Ryder collapsed onto the sand out cold as the flames around his arm dissipated. Stardust placed his hand upon the man’s neck to check for a pulse just to be sure... “Alright, he’s just out cold, but he’s alive”

“That’s good, now we just have to wait until either the meta-legion arrives, or the man wakes back up” To keep him safe, Stardust reshaped the sand into a small house to let Ryder rest while the others watch over him from outside...

Three Hours Later...

It was beginning to get dark and cold as the pair sat outside the sand-layered house. They were starting to fall asleep when one of them spotted a light headed right for them. Both stood up barely awake when golden chains shot out from the light, wrapping around Stardust. “Shit!” They looked to see the light emperor floating over to them before touching down.

“I came to see what that vast amount of power was and here I find you two, this time...you both won’t escape me”

“Surge” Stardust motioned to the house behind them, meaning to wake Ryder. Quantum Surge nodded running for the house when yet another chain of energy wrapped around the meta-human's wrist keeping him from going any further.

“Hmph, perhaps I was too gentle with you both...this time I won’t be so fair” Raising a hand up, Light emperor manifested swords made of pure energy as they floated above him. “I wished to have you both join me, especially you Stardust...you have so much potential, sadly it’ll have to go to waste by my hand”

Stardust was exhausted but new falling asleep would mean death for them if he didn’t do something. Converting his entire body to sand, he flowed into the assailant's body, taking over his subconsciousness as Light emperor once more stood motionless in reality while he found himself in an illusion.

Stardust began to breath heavily from the feeling of exhaustion of being tired while also using the power that uses the most energy to control. His target walked towards him, striking him in the abdomen knocking the air out of him.

“What’s wrong Stardust? Your little magic trick not working anymore?” The meta-human finally was sent out of the tyrant’s body as he landed back outside reforming his human state. Luckily that bought Surge enough time to get inside the small house and try to wake up Ryder.

“Ryder, we need your help, please wake up!” He shook the man who was still out-cold with no luck. “Damn it! I’m sorry Ryder!” Concentrating energy into his palm, he slapped his palm down onto the man’s chest, sending a surge of electricity throughout his body like a defibrillator.

The abrupt surge of energy caused Ryder to wake up dizzy but slowly focusing back to normal. “W-what’s going on...what’s happening?” That’s when the sand-layered house fell to the ground around them as they saw Stardust in the grasp of their attacker, the man’s hand tightly gripping Eric’s throat as Light emperor grabbed one of the floating blades of light, preparing to give the final blow.

“You’re blind Stardust, you could've made a great partner” As the blade came down, Ryder advanced right for them. The moment his hand was past Stardust just inches from their foe’s face, he unleashed a fierce blast of flames head-on not holding back down as Eric hit the ground unconscious.

“Tsk! You bastards! How dare you damage my mask! It symbolizes my superiority over all others!” They could see part of the man’s face before the mask finally broke apart falling to the ground reveling a man with white hair, light-brown skin with hazel eyes. “Tsssssk! You bastards!” Throwing his arms out in opposite directions, dozens of golden blades began manifesting all around them at a fast rate. The amount of power the man was using was straining his body as his eyes grew blood-shot. “Hehe, you three will die at the hand of my superiority!”

Surge and Nobu locked eyes on Stardust who was defenseless as the tyrant launched a barrage of swords right at him. Surge managed to grab his friend and teleport far away, placing their friend behind a large rock to keep him hidden so he could hopefully rest. Quickly he teleported back to the battle where Ryder was using his flaming arm as a repeller to fly around their enemy as dozens of swords were soaring right for him, missing by mere inches.

“I’m coming Ryder!” Quantum Surge teleported above the tyrant, concentrating as much power into his palm as he could in the few seconds he had before launching it straight down at Light emperor. “Take this!” Launching the sphere of blue energy right above his target at such a close range hit the target too fast for him to dodge or block the coming attack.

The area burst into a blinding ray of blue light. As the light cleared, they saw Emperor lying in a crater badly hurt. “Y-you pieces of shit...t-this isn’t over” As their assailant slowly got back up, his body badly hurt covered in blood, a space craft came soaring towards them off in the distance.

“It’s the meta-legion!” Surge cheered before collapsing...

Stardust awoke in a small steel bedroom with the room being only big enough for a bed and a shelf beside it. Eric was still sore and dizzy from using his ability while so tired so he just laid there before falling back asleep...

CHAPTER 3 Welcome To The Meta-Legion

Quantum Surge laid in a small bedroom as well, deep in sleep...


He found himself back in his 5th grade class He had short black hair with blue eyes wearing a blue shirt and black shorts. “Adam...Adam are you paying attention!?” The child looked at his teacher after zoning out.

“Adam, I asked you what you want to be when you grow up”

“I-I want to be someone who helps people, to stop criminals and be known”

“I mean a real job Adam, being a person that helps people aside from a job that require you to do it such as the police or firefighter doesn’t count”

“Well, I don’t know then, I just want to help people, I practice with my powers every day” Adam put his hands together and formed a small blue ball of energy about the size of a pea. “See, I can focus and form a ball of energy”

As most of the students were fascinated at the child’s power, the teacher was disgusted and demanded he go to the principal's office. “Young man! We do not allow the use of anything meta-human at this school!” Some of the students booed the teacher while Adam made his way through the school high to the office, sitting in the principal’s office.

The principal was an old man with a serious expression on his face wearing a black suit and tie. “Adam, I’m sorry but we don’t allow the use of powers on school grounds, you will have to be suspended for the next two days for your poor choice”

Surge then found himself at home with his mom. “Adam, don’t listen to what the other people say, us meta-humans have been given a gift to help those in need, to do what the police and many others can’t or won’t do. Remember...no matter what happens, I will always love you”

[End Of Flashback]

Surge awoke in the bedroom realizing where he was taking a deep breath. “I’m...I'm finally back on the ship headed back to the meta-legion base hopefully.

Meanwhile a man with black hair, green eyes wearing a black suit sat at the ship’s security room watching the cameras when he noticed Adam was now awake. “Sir, Quantum Surge as regained consciousness” Moments later, the door slid open as a man with dark-brown hair with hazel eyes dressed in mercenary leather gear stood in Adam’s doorway with his arms crossed looking at him as the young meta-human sat on the bed still drained but moistly awake.

“Welcome back Adam, glad to see you were rescued in one piece”

“Thank you, captain, we’re you able to save the others as well?”

“Yes, the man with one arm is waiting in his room, he didn’t want to sleep so he just sat on his bed, meanwhile the other one is fast asleep, but if you woke up, I'm sure it won’t be long until he regains consciousness”

“That’s good, seems they’re ok”

An hour Later...

Eric awoke in a small bedroom, still drained from before but knew now wasn’t the time to fall back asleep. Forcing himself to his feet, Stardust pushed a button by the high-tech sliding door as it opened letting him out into a hallway. The floor was gray carpet with steel dark-blue walls and ceiling with doors aligned on both sides like a hotel.

Making his way through the hall, he noticed Ryder standing outside his door just a few doors down. “R-Ryder” Eric called out making his way down the hall, keeping his hand on the wall beside him to keep from falling over. His friend looked at him wondering why he even left his room if he can’t even walk properly.

“Stardust, what are you doing out of your room? You’re too drained to even walk, you should go lay back down and regain your strength”

“Don’t worry...I'm fine. Bow tell me, where is this tomb you found that amulet?” Stardust sat up against the wall unable to stand but looked up at Ryder with a serious expression. “I may need more rest, but we need to find that tomb so no other corrupted people can get their hands on the ancient relics within it”

Placing his hand on Eric’s shoulder responded: “I’ll try to have the members of the meta-legion locate it, go lay back down, I don’t need you dying on me during or expedition” With a nod Stardust limped back to his room before falling back to sleep...

A Few Hours Later...

Once more the masked man awoke to a knock on his door, this time he felt more rested as he sat up. The door opened with Adam and Ryder standing in the doorway. “Alright, they located the tomb Ryder had searched a few days ago and are allowing us to search it for anything of value, but anything that could be a danger to humanity will be confiscated by the M.L and stored away so no one can use it’s power for evil”

“Alright Stardust responded” The large futuristic aircraft took them through the large desert as they came up to the tomb. “Remember what I said” The captain told Surge who gave him a nod before the three of them dropped out of the base-sized aircraft, landing near the entrance of the massive tomb.

“Put these on, they want to keep track of what’s going on within the tomb” Surge held out two single ear pieces and the two meta-humans placed an earpiece in one ear before heading inside the already open golden tomb.

“Testing...can you all hear me” A voice called out through the headphone. “Affirmative” Surge responded. “Yeah” Ryder groaned uninterested. “Yeah” Stardust replied before the trio ventured further into the old and deserted tomb.

They walked through a long hallway with like the rest of the tomb, made of golden bricks. As they reached the end of the hall, they entered a large room where a large Egyptian statue of Anubis stood in the center of the room holding a spherical relic that gave off a golden glow...


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