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Christmas time for me as told by me and my real life's story

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Christmas when I was younger

As a child I always loved the Christmas season, but not just for the presents that i would get as a child.

I also loved to decorate, and drive around my hometown in the evening times to look at everyone else's decorations for the holiday season. My favorite part of it all however, was looking at the wonderful Christmas lights and all the bright colors.

I remember the ones known as "chasers," they would flash to the beat of Christmas songs. We used to put them on our tree every year, I couldn't help myself from always changing the songs listening to the ones I loved the most.

Something about the Christmas season just fills my heart with joy. The joy that comes to all our hearts; when we see our children smile on Christmas morning, or our partners, and family.

My family always switched up between houses each heat for either dinner or supper on Christmas day. We would all sit together for a big turkey feast, then most of us( myself included) would end up either a coach potatoes, or asleep in what we called " a turkey coma." But it was all worth it.

Sadly those days are long ago, as my mother had passed and seeing the family grew more slow. I myself lost the things I loved most. Not only my dear mother, but my child as well, to a system thats suppose to give help.

But in my eyes they are "crooks," and I don't like them well. For they do not help the ones who need them, just the ones who are happy and in no need of fear.

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