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A Brazilian woman goes to California and ends up being surprised by a lady's son And with the lady herself

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I have 1 day left to pack my things and live in California, I know what you must be thinking!, but how are you ifarriving at the airport she sits down and talks with her own mind you're poor and don't have money? as a maid in a lady's house the son is at war and she needs someone there.

I'm very anxious I don't know if I can get it, she said she's going to pick me up in Brazil to make sure I'm all right, so I'll let my cell phone charge and I'll get ready because the flight will be in the morning and to be more exact at 4:00 am

Há 😅

I don't like to get up early, I can't sleep because of anxiety but I have to try! not to miss the plane


I get up a little sleepy I take a shower and brush my teeth to wake up I dress in my favorite outfit my little boy messed up my bleached and stained blond hair , I'm going to the airport !

arriving at the airport she sits down and talks with her own mind

_I'm so bored!! I'm going to listen to music, but I have to be alert,got hungry now!

then a lady arrives talking to me

_hello little, you are so beautiful, did you know?

I smiled on the outside but

my head started thinking some strange things right now, I spoke in my mind, soon I'm going to be raped by an old woman and two big guys meanwhile I was smiling on the outside, but inside I was shitting myself with fear

I looked at the lady and asked

_Are you looking for someone?

she looked at my face and said

_ yes i am !

_ oh and you, darling darling, come with me

at this moment I had my ass in a way that a needle doesn't pass, hahaha

so I remembered this one and the lady who irritates me to pick me up to live and work with her, so we got on the plane and went I sleep the whole trip😅😂

arriving there it was a beautiful house , middle class 2 floors she was going to show me my room which is close to hers in case I needed to ask for help but before it went in the mail it said,

to be continued

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