Could this be the end....did the Darkness really take over an is this y last time before I end up in the place I hate to call home "The Nothingness", be come a lost so damned foreven to be trapped in the dark full of all the hurt you ever had in ur life

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Final Chapter... Praying for a miracle

Trying to keep it together...my arms are heavy and my legs are growing weaker. every swing and kick is having no effect, slipping away from everything. The Darkness engulfed the light and the warmth of the sun is gone letting the cold of the dark Nothingness has settled in. Oh the "sweet sound" of desperate scream of help,pain and sorrow...If you listen closely you can hear all the lost soul who got lost and never made it out, damned for ever wondering alone.. faith,hope an there spirit shattered to the point of no return.. Back again to my old home but I'd be damned to end up like all these torchered lost souls...The cry's and screams are getting louder and louder,the Darkness makes it harder to know which way to go. Wondering trying to find my way , just can't seem to find which way which there's no left or right not but a void just a field of darkness...Im slowly walking cause if I run imma lose what energy I have left trying to get out, I can't rest or lay cause that's when the Nothingness gets to u. ur mind starts racing and get to overthinking next you know ur curled up in a ball crying feeling of loneliness settles in. I'm tired an just want to sit but I gotta keep moving.... Thought I could fight it an keep moving forward if I walked an not run but here I am laying down on the cold ground watching my world and my life crumble into dust right in front of me, nothing I can do to fix it side he moment I go to grab any broke pieces falling off or try to keep it from falling it almost instantly turns in to dust.... Feeling worthless, shit I can't even keep my world from crumbling in front of me no more. feeling even more useless and crappy...cant fix it no more even if I tried to pick the crumbling pieces to put them them back, cause they been damaged so much an through the ringer so any times that it bacame so fragile it's turns to dust...feeling that my exitance, is no more....my soul starting to wonder again I guess that merical I was praying to happen isn't going to this time...... So to my heartache and pain my scars an trauma that remain I wanna say congratulations you. won another soul.... This is the last champer in my bok...I'm praying one last time an hopefully this won't be the last chapter of the one an only book....For now this is it. please pray for me an all that I Love.

your's truly CarmenC

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