Lyla Allen

The Zombie Apocalypse is about a girl named Addie who meets a group of guys that help her survive the zombie apocalypse while they struggle to find food, tools, and shelter because of zombies everywhere. Join Addie on her adventure in the zombie apocalypse. Will she survive? How long will it last? Read to find out!

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Chapter 1

CRASH! The door broke down. A crowd of zombies approached me from the doorway. I ran through the kitchen and to the backdoor as I could feel my heart pounding. I swung open the back gate and quickly headed towards the barn. The barn was dusty, I could barely breathe. I was searching around to find the tool box my dad keeps in here. Please, Please be here. I thought to myself as I ran up the barn stairs. I heard a loud crack and looked down the stairs to see what was happening. The zombies had tried to break down the barn door and get in. I found a few boxes and searched through them until I found the toolbox hiding at the bottom of one of the boxes. I grabbed the toolbox and opened the window, leading to the road outside where I couldn't spot any zombies. I quickly took an old bed sheet and tied it to the piece of wood hanging from the ceiling. I tossed the bed sheet out the window and threw the toolbox out. I then tightly gripped the bed sheet and began climbing out the window as the zombies had gotten in and had began to climb the stairs. As I could feel my feet touch the wet grass below me, I let go of the bed sheet and grabbed the toolbox. I quickly sprint down the road as fast as I can as the remaining zombies run after me. I stop at a dead end, panting. I open the tool box, digging to find anything useful. I find an axe. I grip the axe with my right hand and with my left, pick up the toolbox. The zombies get closer and closer. I have no choice but to run as fast as I can through them. Its risky, even a small bite can turn you into a ferocious zombie. As time passes and they corner me, I get more nervous about the idea. I shut my eyes tightly, hoping they for some reason go away. I then feel someone tightly gripping my hand. ???: "RUN!"

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