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In life we choose the way we want to live. Some of those ways or bad and some are good. The sad part of it all is only 5% are good and the other 95% bad. Why???

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Life! what's life worth? Life is full of happiness. Some people get it all, some just unfortunate to get what's left. why? Because we don't deserve it or we're not capable of having it OR maybe we really and truly don't want it. Why because it only lasted for a period of time and then reality strikes. HAPPINESS!!!

No one deserves to be happy. We don't earn the right to.We think we deserve all the happiness in the world but all we deserve is to be alone for the rest of our life. The gift of happiness only belongs to those who are perfect but who am I kidding; perfection doesn't exist. We revole around the earth only to destroy it, to burn it to dust. We destroy something that is given to us and with out a doubt; with out thinking we destroy everything so tell me how can we be happy if everything we see, get and touch we destroy it


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