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Real love; so strong, so pour, so intense and excited. When you finally have it you donÔÇÖt ever want to let it go. Megan struggles for so long to have such a love. She thought she had it but when true love stands in front of her she froze. What will she do? Take it or let it go.

Dram Contemporary Sadece 18 ya┼č ├╝st├╝ i├žin.

#love #pain # #heartache #Beauty #shame #misunderstood #ungrateful #mistreated
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The guest

Megan Luwis Dickson! where have you been; I've been calling your phone for about an hour now; why didn't you answer? Sorry mom; I was out with my friends, I got catch up and didn't realize that it was this late. Megan said to her mom holding her head down trying not to look her mom in the eyes. hmm with your friends hau. Megan mom said with a fron. Come, quickly get inside and shut the door behind you; I have great news. Megan do as her mom said and follow her mom in the livingroom of their house. As Megan enter the room to speak with her mom Ms. McNeil she see's a tall dark and handsome young man sitting on the Sophur; Megan was stunned trying to take her eyes off the handsome stranger she turn to her mom, before she could otter a word from her mouth Ms. McNeil gently grab Megan's hand pulling her closer the young man. This is my beautiful daughter Megan, the youngest of them all. McNeil said. Megan this is Kevin Brooks, one of my closest friends son.He's from New York but he came here to Clifton to finish he's medical degree. Megan looks at her mom with confusion, asking her self; so what is he doing here. Before Megan come speak her mind Ms. McNeil quickly look at the time on her phone, glance at her daughter with a sneaky look in her eyes and said oh I totally forgot I have something to pick up at Garfield shop down the street, I'll be back shortly. Ms. McNeil quickly headed out before Megan could say anything.

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