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Leave my house

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Janet stared at her twin sister pretending to be reading.

But Janet is smart, she knew her sister.

When ever Jane had a problem, Janet would surely identify it and console her sister.

"Jane, what's the matter?" Janet asked.

"No, isn't any problem, but it's only one thing that keeps running through my brain" Jane said

"And what's the problem?"Janet asked

"sister, since the day mom vanished into thin air, I've always been thinking and when I go to sleep every night, mom keeps appearing in my dream"

"And what does she say"Janet asked

"she says dad's new wife Veronica will make us starve to death one day, so immediately her character is becoming worse, we should move out of the house and search for mom"

One day, Veronica went out and came home late.

she was holding a bag of sharp objects.the twins stood and stared at her in fright.

since her behavior changed towards them, they were scared she might kill them when they are asleep.

"Jane and Janet wake up! it's late! wake up!, you lazy girls!, wake up! stupid girls! you've taken your mom's stupid attitude. that stupid mother of yours who vanished into thin air"Veronica shouted.

"Jane wake up, that woman is calling us"Janet said.

"what does she want us for?"Jane asked.

"I don't know, let's go and see if there's a problem"

The girls opened their door ajar and saw their stepmom standing with blazing eyes.

"Mom what..."Jane attempted to ask. But before she could complete, Janet signaled her to stop asking.

"shut up! stupid girls"Veronica shot at them angrily.

"will you go and pack your luggage from your... from... from your... from our... infact from my house!" she stammered angrily.

These made the twins panic the more.

"Janet, what mom said in my dream is true.we must leave this house now"Jane whispered into the ear of Janet.

In no time, the girls packed their baggage and left the house.

That evening,Mr. Samuel Acquah came to the house.

He asked of his children, but the answer Veronica gave to him was"they beat me up this morning and left the house".

"Hmm, is that so!" Mr Samuel said with anger rising within him.

"Don't worry, we must go to the hospital tomorrow morning".

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MB Mclina Blankson
It is a good story
November 14, 2021, 18:34
MB Mclina Blankson
The story is really nice! I wish you could complete it immediately 😀
November 14, 2021, 18:33

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