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A story set in future year 2142. After the daily education process session, a boy goes to play some games on his full virtual engagement + partial sensual stimulus gaming device. He discovers a new cool game, where you have to build ships out of scraps and try to cross a shallow sea with lots of obstacles. Here he meets new friends and enemies, who have deep plans. They develop the world and the virtually formed society, then end up with a new and much bigger dilemma.

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The Future

The year is 2142. Neural network technology is almost completely able to do science on it's own. Human role in society is becoming more and more directing. The society system became much more simplified and fluid compared to around 100 years ago. Philosophy around consciousness is no more just a cool thing to talk about at the table for adults and for middleschoolers to fall into existentential crisis for. Speaking about school, it's no longer divided into grades and grade classes like elementary middle and high, it's grade classes, right? The naming of things in your times are really weird. Even more so, I'm using a neural network to convert stuff into early 21st English. Anyway, lets not get sidetracked into how the sheer inefficiency of old information transfering ways actually breaks our top notch neural network system models.

So the education is more focused around thinking and the study of information. Oh, right. Although.... now that I think about it, this will be converted into something simplistic, but anyway. You might be kinda confused. So there was this guy who came up with this thing called meaning theory. It fixed our society, which was pretty far telephone gamed into mess at the point around 30 years further then you are now. Many people built upon that. It also was used to "push" a major breakthrough in neural network technology, which then was used to advance meaning theory into the study of information.

If you wonder, that guy..... It's actually a pretty weird story. He just sorta.... Appeard out of nowhere. There was like a website with a very very long book describing stuff in detail. There also were some drawing....... The whole thing was really weird. There was like a front page with some philosophical talking and then there was a link. There was just a singular very long page. Like, even the chapters, it all was on one thing. About 2/3rds of the whole book was like that. But it gets even weirder. It just sort of split up. Just, in the middle of a sentence. Then there were divisions into multiple webpages. Just, out of nowhere. On one of them the chapter title was in big bold text, and then underneath that there was some blue text. From here we know the only piece of that person's identity. It said.... Now, this might seem really weird, but it was like that. It said: "Meaning Theory the full book and it's version written and signed by Grey Rob who is the author for the above mention book". It really fascinates me. Just like..... How complex that person's mind was. His thoughts, ideas...... Worries. Everything. We know nothing about who that was, but, we can feel like we're talking to... A friend we know.

The changes that were brought since your time are of course really big and influential. It's really important to learn more and realise what these changes were about. Of course, how wouldn't it be so! And honestly, what more fascinating was brought then the technology. Fully virtual engagement was already had in the 2070's. Most high level technology is hard to really even actually explain what it does. What we can talk about is what you call entertainment. You're not used, so the before-mentioned virtual engagement may not be the most relevant-seeming thing in contributing to fact points right now, but anyways. Let's stop before it gets translated as some incomprehensible mess.

So, that was had in 70's. We stopped at it for 72 years with barely making it better. The key is that meaning theory brought alot of changes and improvements in entertainment scheme. Full virtual engagement with partial sensual stimulus. That's enough for so much. Just like the invention of complex quantum, I mean the computer thing, has allowed for alot more processing difference and capability...... Hold on. It happend 30 years from your time. Okay uhh..... The invention of the transistors has allowed for processing with a much larger base. Just like that, it allowed for so many different things to be done. Just imagine, daily education session has ended, and you have the possibility for exploration of many worlds with lots of atmospheric details and..... Yeah you don't know meaning theory, do you? Yeah.....

Hey, actually, there's just been a really interesting story involving those worlds. Its a classic real event. Do you have a concept of an adventure writing that's tightly based on a real event? Well.... Here's a thing like that. It involves a game where you build ships out of materials. Oh, I forgot. Yeah. What I mean is old school water transport ships, not the interplanetary base transport. Yeah. So, you can build those from different materials and pieces, like, part of stationary organism that feeds on molecular and atomic combinations that are used for living organism processes that are left in soil based territory, which, i think, your kind in the time period calld planks. There are also what you call rocky formations and metal molecular substances. Then you flow, hold on, correction from ai, swim on it, and then you get Aurum coins based on how far you got. Hold up. The neural network is having too much. I gotta clean up the rubbish in axons. I'll be back and we'll continue on to the actual story. Soon.

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