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|| NOTICE: if you are not reading this book on the following websites or apps, please report that person immediately: Inkspired reader, soon to be on Movella, and inkitt. Characters in this book do NOT belong to me they belong to their respective owners of the movies. || When a girl named named y/n l/n meets The one and only Katsuki Bakugou from Class 1A for as long as she could remember she couldn't eat because she she wasn't aloud to go outside no matter how much she wanted to, Shoto knew Y/n was his long lost sister but both of them were forced to not say anything to ANYONE and Y/n was forced to wait for Endeavor to have him beat her daily...meaning Endeavor was beating her until midnight...oh boy...she couldn't have known Katsuki would soon find out and rescue her with alot more pro heroes...........right? A/N = Author's note A/n - hi my little Minty's! the Characters in this book do NOT belong to me. Bye, my little Minty's! see ya'll next time!!!

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are you ready?

are you ready?

Made By: MintzMillions

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

• gore/blood

• uncensored cussing

• lots of Smut, fluff if you don't like this please leave

• Bakugou x Abused reader

this is my book so I can do whatever I want to it. This is inspired by atolla on her book called "trepidation (Bakugou x reader)" THIS IS MIDDLE SCHOOL GOING INTO HIGH SCHOOL!!! (UA)


Theme song: my demons by Starset

Mayday, Mayday..the ship is slowly sinking..they think I'm crazy but they don't know the feeling..their all around me circling like vultures..they wanna break me and wash away my colors...wash away my colors..


Author: So shall we get started?


Author: well let me start at the beginning..when you are born you are either born with or without a soul mate nobody is never sure which one they'll get there are 3 ways to meet your soul mate the first one is the most common when you get a small part of your hair turned the color of your soulmates hair color, the second one is based on what your soulmates favorite color is which would be a small goop of whatever there favorite color was on your hand which in you're case if you got this was red, then there's the rarest way for you to meet your soulmate, which was a goop of whatever color on whatever body part your soulmate would first touch on your body. Then there's quirks a quirk is whatever supernatural ability your born with, people called the ones who fought for justice and freedom for people's lives heros and the people called the ones who hurt others villains if your quirkless that Just means that your not Born with a quirk that's suitable for you, are you ready to start the story?

Readers: YES!! I CAN'T WAIT!

Author: haha than we shall start the story then

~~You're pov~~

You get out of bed and heads towards your wardrobe (closet) You finally find you're uniform and you put it on and you come out. You put your hair in f/h (favorite hairstyle)

A/N: if you have curls or straight hair Just imagine it being whatever type of hair you have. 👁👄👁

Once you were finally done you head out and go downstairs towards the Kitchen where you could make yourself some food because no one was ever there to do it for you.

Y/n: goodmorning nonexistent mother, and bullshit asshole nonexistent Father, let's see what I could make myself for breakfast

You chuckle in happiness as you start preparing your breakfast once you get finished preparing your breakfast, you put it on the table and sit down and start eating once your finished with your food you go upstairs to grab your bag and head out the door as you head for school

~~Bakugou's pov~~

Mistuki: BAKUGOU!! it is time to wake up it's time for school!

Bakugou gets out of bed and gets his UA uniform as he puts it on he fixes his hair up in 2 minutes prior to trying to not be late for school he goes out of his room into the distance of a random area he didn't even realize where he was going because he was too tired he goes into the Kitchen and grabs a bowl of ceral as he heads toward the other part of the Kitchen and sits down at the table and starts eating until he accidentally starts choking from food going down the wrong pipe in his throat

Bakugou: *coughs*


once Bakugou finally got his food down he said--

Bakugou: Whatever old hag!

Bakugou gets up from the table he was at and leaves the room in anger at his mom worrying about him he heads to school


Bakugou enters the school and everyone was already looking at him he glared as he bluntly says

Bakugou: what the fuck you guys staring at?

Everyone in the room went silent Bakugou walked through the halls as he was searching for his crew

Tsubasa: Bakugou!! Over here!

Bakugou: yeah yeah!! I'm coming! Chill your b*lls man!

Ring Ring Ring

Bakugou: oh fuck me.

Bakugou walks through the halls towards the classroom he arrives to class and he sits down as he scoffs seeing Izuku arrive right after him

Teacher: welcome everyone expect midoriya. Don't worry today will not be hard but it will be for midoriya.

~~After class~~

~~with you~~

You walk into the bathroom and sit inside one of the stalls as your cry silently until someone opens the stall door you look up and see Bakugou, the bully of the school

Bakugou: the fuck? Why the fuck are you crying like a weakling? might as well leave me to die here. I don't deserve to be at this school anyway.

Bakugou's eyes reverts from your face to down to your clothing assuming you were wearing something but he found you weren't wearing anything and blood was coming from your Privates he looks away as he shouts--

Bakugou: gah why the fuck are you naked you retarded whore!?

You get silent as you see him start to close the stall you put your hand on it blocking him from closing the door as you reply--

You: h-help me p-please?

Bakugou blushes as he immediately realizes what you meant as you put your hand over your privates you blush as you slowly look up at him he blushes as he replies--

Bakugou: with what exactly?

You blush trying not to make it obvious so you gesture towards your privates bakugou blushes as he thinks as what could have gotten you to be like that


You head to school but on your way there a man comes up to you and he r@pes you but accidentally bumps into a pro hero the pro's eyes widen as he looks at the man and asks a one simple question and he answers without thinking

???: what are you doing down in that alley?

???: I was in that alley r@ping a middle school girl--haha sorry that was Joke I didn't mean to say that! Please excuse me!


You blush as you tug on Bakugou's shirt clearly begging that you want sex Bakugou blushes but enters the stall you were in and slowly starts undressing but he stops and asks one simple question before he starts

Bakugou: are you ready?



A/n: Hi!! How are you? if you like this week's Chapter leave a vote, comment or if you didn't like it please comment ways for me to improve! Bye my little Minty's!

1085 words in total

5:25 minutes tor read

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