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The Man

Joe was on the floor ....sleeping his feet were dirty....he knew nothing about me watching him sleep that mid-afternoon..I knew him already but not quite sure why.His friends let him sleep in there house from time to time.Yes he was homeless..but the nickname homeless Joe was in my head could that be the man that was sleeping in front of me. You looked peaceful he looked great but he looks lonely and lost in his sleep.This was a peaceful man in a way I saw that day but he was tortured. When his friend started teasing him my mouth statred scolding at them. They could've seen how exhausted he is and that he is living alone out there on the streets. He seem to be alone all the time.Something about him made me wonder what his story could have been.His peaceful sleep told me he can sleep in a noisy room and be just as quiet as a baby in in his own world as if he had not a care about anything else .I needed to stop staring.He was so handsome to me. I said I'm going to the bathroom fix face and hope when he woke up I could maybe quietly sneak in a conversation.When I walked back in the room he was gone. I was just thinking of the start of what I could say to get him to talk. He was just gone.

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