shargun Mason Cronick

There is a opposite world compared to ours with dangers such as betrayers, lost souls and demons it might be just to much to handle but not for the girl who escaped from there.

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The Origin

This is my story of how I turned from a regular girl to escaping a living nightmare.

It was the end of a school day and I was walking home with my friends. "That day was so bloody boring." I said, my friends laughed and they asked me if we were still going out for dinner. "Hell yeah I am." I answered.

Later that night I came across a abandoned house and heard a voice echoing "Come on in Tanisha." I froze and was left questioning myself, the voice spoke again "It's okay it's me Candice." I felt relieved "What are you doing here?" I asked. "I'm just waiting for Abi to get here so I can scare her." Candice replied and also said she was just investigating and depsite me hesitating I tagged along with Candice.

When I went inside, I witnesed the dark hallway of the building. Then she I a room to the left of me which was lit up with what seemed to be photos. Candice picked up one of the photos and turned pale.

"What's the matter?" I asked, she showed me the photo and it was a picture of her with the words "YOU'RE NEXT." in blood. Suddenly we heard a shrieking roar. We noticed a tall skinny figure running towards us and roared again.

Me and Candice dashed towards the exit, the terrifying roars of the figure behind us got closer and closer. "Candice!!" I yelled as I got dragged away into the darkness by the tall monster.

I was very terrified inside but I couldn't scream or yell for help as the moneter started attacking me.

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