Muriel Roland

IT WAS DEEMED TO BE A CATASTROPHE. Our kinds don't mix. My kinds are used as projects, site seeing. We always remain an enigma to them, a fallacy. I WAS RECKONED TO GO EXPLORING ONLY. But no, I got hooked knowing solely well it will all end in mayhem. All this emerged because of two utterances, four letters, and one syllable each. A WISH and LOVE ON MY EIGHTEEN BIRTHDAY. I made a wish. A wish I knew was taboo but I wanted it, I yearned it. My parent granted my wish for my happiness. They trusted me to do the needful but I did the contrary. I GOT HYPNOTIZED BY HIM. His looks? He was so hot for a human. I craved for him to fall in love with me but I didn't think I'll be the one falling and damn! I fell fast. He is ALEXANDER GREY. Actions have aftermath and I must face the outcomes of my actions. I am a MERMAID and he is a HUMAN. ------------- This story is fiction based which is a fiction of my imagination. There will be MATURE content. Please VOTE, COMMENT and SHARE. Enjoy!

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1. I just want to be free

"you're here again despite all the warnings from your dad to stay clear," Marisa says. Marisa is my cousin, daughter to my father's younger brother prince Sebastian.

"and I'm also aware you won't blab on me" I replied fixing my gaze on her as she settles her body beside mine, plopping her hands on the rock we are lurking behind.

"you never know if I won't"

"you truly don't want me as your enemy cousin because.." dragging it on for her to figure it and she laughs at my words.

Marisa Is a beautiful mermaid with light brown hair for sure long she uses to conceal her chest, hazel eyes, a button nose, and pink lips in an oval-shaped face. Orange tail she has.

She's contrary to me. While I have platinum color hair, green orifices, a straight pointed nose, and small pouty lips in a heart-shaped face, and a blue-colored tail.

Mermaids are beautiful but not all.

EVERY morning I always sneak out of the palace to visit the seashore since I was a baby. Humans have always been enticing to me. How do they get to travel the world, but I'm bound to the sea, they get to change their clothing but I can only polish my tail though it's not needed, and walk freely in their two feet. I'm envious, jealous I don't care.

Mermaids who visit the land without permission will be banished as it's against the rules. The only mermaid who was not garnish was ms. Serina was sent to acquire land education by our ancestors so it would be instilled in us, that's why I know so much about humans if I do visit the land-only walking will be the dilemma.

Only what humans didn't get was our magic, the power to control and manipulate fire, water, and air at will, the ability to compel humans and sailors to do their bidding by singing. we cry and it becomes a pearl, etc.

Oh my gosh, I'm sorry for bypassing an introduction.

My name is Adela Ocean, the only daughter, and the last offspring of Alphonse Ocean and Aquata Ocean, King, and queen of merfolks, younger sibling to Alfredo ocean the crown prince.

"Adela!" speak of the devil and he shall appear how true.

Immediately, Marisa descends into the sea with me after her. coming face to face with an enraged alfredo.

"I was just..." I started but was interrupted by him

"checking the view, you are always checking the view Adela even knowing it's dangerous to do so" he screams

"How so"I retort back

" don't act ignorant, you are conscious of greedy humans out there that will not waste a minute to capture you if you were caught"

"I can protect myself"

"What if you were caught clueless, they captured you for their gain, worse you get slain, our father will exert vengeance by destroying the humans but he could never bring you back and you'll be gone forever" with that so much anger he swims away.

And how I do know he's right.

"let's go, Adela," says Marisa as she was away like a bolt of lightning encased in bubbles.


"and where do you think you are coming from" so much for slithering without getting caught. whirling around to face her highness.

"from Marisa's chamber mom" I appeased joining my hands at the side of my waist before bowing just for respect.

"you may rise"

"let's go see your father," her highness says swimming away with me on the trail.

I do know she knows I was not at Marisa's chamber but chose not to speak about it. thank god.

"good day father" bowing as soon as we got to the throne room.

"good day daughter" "have a sit"

I sat on a rock as the maids served breakfast. Some merfolk eats fish, lobsters, like seafood. But I eat seaweed: kelp, why eat fishes when I take them as friends.

"Your birthday is a forthcoming princess" "how would you want it," asks his highness

"how you deem fit father"

"it will be remembered in history, all merfolks, and sea-beings will be in attendance, enough food" gushes her highness. All my birthday so far has been extravagant always leaving me exhausted as if I was hit by a ship.

"as you want mother"

after some minutes, I was done eating "permission to take my leave father"

"you may go" "thank you"

I was a few slides out of the compartment but was interrupted by his highness

"you are now coming off age Adela" oh god, knowing what is to come but chose to keep shut.

"There will be handsome and nice mermen from all over Atlantic to nominate a suitable suitor, right"

"yes father"

I just want to be free or is that too much to ask.


"I hope there are cute boys" Melisa gushes. Marisa, Melissa who is Marisa's elder sister, and I are in my chamber as they talk about my birthday party.

"it's only boys you ever think of" Marisa answers with an annoyed face.

"if they are cute they are worth thinking of"

"foolish girl"

"a foolish girl that will get married to a cute boy"

"boys are not cute"

"they are"

"Whatever, I could care less"

"it should be I couldn't care less"





"will you guys just shut up already," I said ending their childish banter?

"now I remember, what will be your wish, Adela?" ask Melissa

"it's a secret"


This story is fiction-based, it is founded upon my imagination.

There will be MATURE content.

Please vote, comment and share.


See you in the next chapter

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