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After witnessing the death of his entire family, the King of the Inhumans receives a call to come to earth, if he didn't, his entire planet would be wiped out. Not knowing the intentions or the entity that caused this suffering. The black ray comes to earth looking for the person responsible. Along his way, he will go through extreme suffering without being able to make a single sound. Any sound wave he emitted could decimate an entire planet. He seeks justice far from his planet. With an unknown enemy to be found, he feels the emptiness of loneliness again, something he hadn't felt for centuries.

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The Most Powerful Mind On Earth

In my world, I am a king. The inhumans respond to me. Twenty-four hours into Earth's schedule, I got a message. I was sitting on my throne when a voice echoed through the dark room. The message said that if I didn't come to your planet, my entire planet would be wiped out. Before I could do anything…every member of my family was killed. My wife Medusa died in my arms. I didn't know how that had happened. They just dropped to their knees, their eyes lost their color and after that they looked like puppets made out of cloth. In an act of desperation, I flew all over my planet looking for something…anything that was responsible for it, but no, I knew where to really look. That's why I came to earth.

I then sit on a square bench. Children ran past, women passed by looking at me strangely, as if I didn't belong there. Unexpectedly, a woman with red hair, a white lock and white gloves on her hands appears beside me. She sits beside me in her jeans and her yellow jacket.

-You are the King, aren't you? Relax, I know you can't talk, but I know sign language, so tell me, what are you doing around here? Your first and last visit was very beneficial and at the same time destructive for us on this planet. she said in an incredibly comforting voice.

-I am the King of the inhumans. I remember my last visit well. A silver guy had doomed your planet, right? I took this herald's master to Pluto and managed to destroy his helmet, but I condemned Pluto, even though there was no life there, I felt bad about it. I responded using sign language.

-Wow, it was awesome. I was little when this happened, I was still running away from everyone and I didn't have a home…until I found a guy who took me home. She said. But anyway, why are you here, king?. she asked.

-I only knew that this planet had been condemned because my wife warned me about it. She always loved this place, said it was the most beautiful place in the universe. She asked me to save this planet back then. I then told her the story after seeing a familiar symbol on her jacket.

-My condolences… Well, I was sort of assigned to accompany you to Manor X. Come on, King, the professor wants to meet you. She said.

-You still haven't told me your name. I asked.

-You can call me Marie, or if you prefer, call me Rogue. She concluded as she started walking ahead of me.

After a very pleasant walk, we stopped in front of a large iron gate with silver beams embedded in the ground. On the side, a sign read: Xavier School for Gifted Young People. A large green garden stretched out on either side with a white path at its center. At the end of the trail, a real mansion made of darkened wood. When we entered, we passed through rooms full of students, some with very striking physical characteristics. When we reached the front of the last room of the mansion, two men left there. One had the colors of his country on his uniform, the other had upturned hair that connected to his beard that only grew on the sides of his face. As they walked through the large mansion, a shield glowed on the back of one of them. As we looked into the room, A man in a wheelchair watched us.

-Teacher, I brought the man. she said beside me.

-Thank you, Marie. Pietro asked you to meet him at the basketball court. Said the man.

-Okay, anything, you know where to find me. She said it like it was an inside joke. She then says goodbye to me with a nod and leaves my sight.

-Please come in and sit down. I was friends with your wife…my condolences for her. He said hearing his voice echo in my head, he didn't move a muscle in his face while talking to me.

-She… She had a dignified funeral. I came after the person responsible, he will be sacrificed before my people in token of justice done by the queen who was murdered. Why did you call me here? Finish by sitting down and facing him.

-By the way, my name is Charles Xavier, nice to meet you. I called you here because I needed to know your intentions. You are extremely powerful and particularly, I need to keep an eye on extremely powerful beings. He said.

-Well, as you are in my mind and you didn't explode, I can see that you have a unique mental power. Maybe you could help me find the person responsible. I replied.

-It's likely that I will, I'll do my best, but currently I'm pretty overwhelmed. I think I can…let's say find possible owners of the voice that came from your message. -Like you….

-I have powerful abilities, my friend. He then closed his eyes and placed two fingers to the side of his head. After a period of noise from classes all around us, he finally turns to me and writes down a list of some names.

-In this list, you have the names of people who may or may not own this voice. The voice was Modified so I couldn't distinguish between male and female, but there was so much power there, I think it's unlikely that the culprit isn't on that list. Remember, everyone has the potential to do horrible things, but not everyone does it because they want to do it. Charles concluded. After that, I walk out of the mansion and exchange looks with Marrie as she plays basketball with a silver-haired man with blazing speed. I decide to follow my path towards the first name. Short walking time and I had already arrived at the destination. A fairly large house, the same color as Manor X, was in front of me. Suddenly, a man comes out of there and fixes his gaze in my direction. With my telepathic powers, I say the following words in your mind.

-Hello, I'm looking for you. Charles Xavier said that…you can help me with a matter. Are you Stephen Strange?.

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