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"This is where it all started....right?" The story of how max and sam have met also maybe a new player wants to join this game Contact info: [email protected] Twitter: @call_me_JJ_16 Instagram: call_me_jj_15

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Sam's story

"It’s dark, very dark, am I asleep or am I dead...? Oh wait yeah I’m asleep, wait a minute…... who is that.?" Sam she sees a figure facing away from sam then sam hears a beeping noise the noise gets louder and louder until sam wakes up to the sound of her alarm clock "shut up" sam says as she smacks the clock on the snooze button, sam then gets up before stretching *sniff* "Oh food, finally something good" Sam goes downstairs and sees her dad making food "oh look who finally woke up, cmon eat up then go get ready for school the bus gets here in ten minutes." Sam eats the food and goes upstairs to get ready for school "ok let’s hope school is better today" Sam says to her pet turtle. "Sam the bus is here" "oh sh- ok, ok, ok" sam runs downstairs and out the door to the bus sam gets on the bus, sits down then listens to her music while drawing. The bus gets to the school and stops in the bus bay. Sam gets off the bus then out of nowhere. *wham* Sam is pushed, dropping her stuff, "and here we go again" Sam says in her head.

"oh hey look it’s sam the little girl who wants to be a boy, anyways maybe you should look where you´re going freak"

"Yeah, whatever you say tonya" Sam whispers. "What, what did you say freak?" Tonya says threateningly. "nothing" sam replies "yeah it better be nothing because next time you won’t get so lucky" sam gets up and walks to class "sigh* math why did it have to be math," sam says to herself. "Ok class today we are going to be doing…" Sam starts to fall asleep. Sam then starts to have the same dream again but this time the person is closer and is turning around to face Sam but before the person faces sam. Sam wakes up to the teacher saying "*ahem* Sam, are you going to answer the question?" "What was the question again?" Sam asks. The teacher scoffs and says "I said whats $%#EEG rtvg! 2#!4nkd" sam starts to blackout and faints. Everyone in the room is baffled except for tonya who finds it amusing, the teacher calls the nurse and they take Sam into the nurse’s office.

Then Sam has the same dream again but this time she’s facing the person "who are you?" Sam asks, a disembodied voice comes from behind the figure and says "sam you may not know who I am anymore but you will learn the truth soon i-i-it's only a MmmMatter of tiiiiime" sam then wakes up in the nurse's office. The nurse then walks up to Sam and Sam asks "what happened?" "Sam you blacked out in class we are unsure about why, do you have any idea why?" "No I kinda don't remember what happened" "ok well sam we are going to send you home we'll call your dad to pick you up, do you know who you want to pick you up?" "Uh can you call Simon he's the second number" "ok, can you tell me who the second number belongs to?" "Uh, i can't say" so Sam waits to get picked up and her dad is waiting for her as Sam gets to his car she gets inside and they drive away.

Sam and her dad get home. Sam gets to the door she goes inside and her dad says "you should get some rest i'll make some dinner later" sam goes into her room and falls asleep she has the same dream again the person says to sam "oh it’s sam right sam klaudas (sam nods slowly) ok cool oh my gosh it's so good to see you again how was your day at school?" "Who are you and did you cause me to pass out in class?" Sam says to the person "oh sam, sam, sam, Samantha klaudas that was only the beginning of what's going to happen next" "what do you mean next?" "Heh haha haha haha you'll see tomorrow you will be surprised about what will happen, besides i-it's o-only a matter of time goodbye" sam wakes up to her alarm beeping she hits snooze "how long was I asleep? well let's not think about it, well i better get ready for school then" sam gets ready and walks to the bus and goes to school.

Sam gets off the bus and walks to her class passing tonya "who the hell names a boy tonya?" Sam says to herself. Sam gets to her math class and sits down in her seat as Sam sits down. The teacher stands in front of the white board with a smile and says "ok class today we are having someone new coming to this class" sam is curious and thinks to herself "I wonder who this new guy is?" Then a boy walks in and Sam is curious to who the new guy is. "class this is max, say hi" max then says "hello" and then sits next to sam "hi I'm Max, and what's your name?" "Oh I'm Sam, nice to meet you," Sam says, shaking his hand.

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