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Chapter 1 Harry pov

Being famous is kinda easy except for the fact the I have paps around me all the time. This week I have to go do a concert in Texas the place I have the least sales or listens in so not many people will know me Wich is kinda fine to me it'll be easier for me to walk around and be a normal person for once since I was 18.


I finally landed at the Airport and for once there is no Paperazzi or crowd of girls and I didn't have to be surrounded by bodyguards.


I went to my room as usual and went to sleep peacefully without my guards or management calling me or yelling at girls (that won't believe I'm Gay) and guys (Since I came out as gay last year) for once in 4 years (age 22)

I actually feel like a normal person. In the morning I went for a walk and got a tea from a local coffee shop then I went to the park and sat down at a bench while on my phone when someone came up to me and asked me for an autograph.

Fan: Hi can I have your autograph I'm a huge fan.

Harry: Of course who am I signing it to?

Fan: Louis Tomlinson.

My head popped up at the name.

Harry: Louis?

Louis: Yeah,hey Harry long time no see.

I got up and hugged him .

Harry: Last time I saw you, you were getting engaged to Eleanor.

Louis: Yeah, she and I broke up 3 years ago when I came out as gay she was willing to be my beard so my parents didn't kick me out but I told her she didn't have to and now I'm living here in Texas.

Harry:Wow.Oh how's Zayn and Niall?

Louis: Oh they're married I'm actually living here with them.

Harry: Whoa I have missed a lot in the past four years.

Louis: Yeah hey I'm actually heading to meet them for lunch wanna come.


Louis took my hand and walked me to a little restaurant down the street where Zayn and Niall were waiting for Louis but when they saw me their jaws dropped I smiled and waved and we sat down.

Niall: Louis how did you get him here?

I laughed a bit and answered for Louis.

Harry: Don't worry Nialler I came here willingly.

Zayn: Harry how've you been?

Harry: Busy, Tired, Alone.

Louis: What happened?

Harry: I just miss being a normal person now I'm crowded by Fans bodyguards and I have no privacy there's paps everywhere taking pictures of me.

Niall: That sounds bad you deserve a Vacation I see how much you're online and you let out a new album every year and you do 5 concerts a month Which is a lot even for you.

Harry: Yeah I wish it was that easy I've tried to ask but my manager doesn't want me out.

Zayn: What if you ran then called him and told him you are taking a break to get some inspiration for new music.

Harry: I could do that if my tour didn't start next week.

Louis: Ooh I got tickets to the first two shows.

Harry: Well I'll definitely bring you on stage you're an amazing singer Lou.

Louis: *blushes* Really I never thought I was that good a singer.

Niall: GOD LOU you're doing it again, how come you two always made each other blush.

Harry: I never realized. And I only came out as gay last year and I haven't talked to you all in 4 years.

Louis:*still blushing* I realized I was gay when...

after a few seconds Louis just looked down and just stayed quiet. Zayn pulled me outside.

Zayn: He realized he was gay when he realized he was in love with you he wanted to tell you but you stopped talking to us and we thought you were straight.

Harry: Oh.... well same for me actually I realized I was gay when I was going through my digital gallery and my photos albums and realized that I was in love with him.

Zayn: Really?


Zayn: Y'all were inseparable he wished sometimes you weren't famous because he missed you so much but saw how happy you were as a famous person.

Harry: The thing is I'm not happy as a famous person I wish I was normal again I miss you guys and I haven't talked to My mom or Gemma since I became famous.

Zayn: I have an idea Gemma and Anne came to visit us yesterday they're at my place right now how about after lunch we go see them and catch up.

Harry: That sounds perfect and I have an off day today.

we went back inside and had lunch and Zayn drove us to his and Niall's place. when we were inside.

Anne: Zayn honey you need to cook Diana is hungry!

Zayn: Okay just get Gemma and come to the dining room please.


I turned to Zayn with a questionable look.

Harry: Diana?

Zayn: Niall and I's daughter.

Mum walked in carrying a baby girl around 1 to 2 years old with Gemma when they saw me their jaws dropped and Gemma ran to me and gave me a hug mum set the baby down on the play pad that was in the corner and gave me a hug.

Gemma: Harry!! I missed you.

Harry: I missed you to Gems. I missed you to mum.

Anne: I missed you to hunny. How'd you get here.

Harry: well I was out for a stroll in the park because I have a concert tomorrow and Louis came up to me and asked for a autograph when I realized it was him we talked to each other he invited me to lunch with Zayn and Niall I accepted they invited me over here. I'm here.

Gemma: How's Katy doing?

Harry: Wow it's really been that long wow haha I'm surprised y'all haven't heard this... umm I'm gay.

Anne: Oh Harry that's great. how did you realize you were gay.

Harry: *blush's hard* umm....*pauses for a minute* Louis did.

Louis: *Blushes as well* Really?

Harry: *still blushing, nods* Yeah.

My phone then rang I picked up the call and it was Simon Cowell My manager He needed me back at the hotel probably for no reason at all He probably just wants to ruin my day so I respectfully said no He's fine with it after a few swear words but at least he agreed the first time ever. I then hung up and spent the rest of the day with Louis, Zayn, Niall , Mum, and Gemma.


Harry: I better get back to the hotel.

Niall: Okay it was nice to see you hazza.

Harry: You too nialler You too Z.

Louis: Bye Harry.

Harry: B-Bye Louis.

I took a piece of paper and wrote my number down on it and gave it to Louis.

Louis: what's this?

Harry: none of y'all have my updated phone number.there it is.

I smiled,turned around and walked out the front door The door didn't close behind me I turned to see why and Louis ran out and stopped in front of me.

Louis: Um Harry.....uhh would you like to...go on a—

I interrupted him by crashing my lips onto his soft lips he kissed me back seconds later after a while we broke the kiss.Louis giggled a bit then blushed

Louis: So I take that as a yes.

Harry: Yes. tomorrow before my show meet me at the hotel I'll bring you into the concert you can be backstage while I sing and I'll bring you on stage to sing. how's that sound?

Louis: Perfect.Amazing.

Harry: Ok we'll see you tomorrow.


Louis came 2 hours before we arranged to get together so we had time to hang out He was wearing a blue jean jacket and a navy blue tee. We played Truth or Dare but that turned into us kissing for 20-30 minutes. After that we went to the concert hall and security let him in with me after a 10 minute argument about whether he's a crazy fan trying to get in or not or not.


The crowd went wild as I finished singing kiwi I shushed everybody and everything was silent I started speaking.

Harry: as you all know I am from the UK and in the UK I obviously had friends well yesterday I ran into three of those friends and one I had a tiny crush on and he's a reason why I'm gay*pauses and the crowd boos, frowns* What he's the best person ever anyways I like to bring him out to sing a song he wrote called 18.

Louis walked out onto the stage I gave him my mic and grabbed my backup mic and his music started playing.

Louis:I got a heart, and I got a soul

Believe me, I will use them both

We made a start

Be it a false one, I know

Baby, I don't want to feel alone

So kiss me where I lay down

My hands pressed to your cheeks

A long way from the playground

I have loved you since we were 18

Long before we both thought the same

Louis,and Harry: thing

To be loved and to be in love

All I can do is say that these arms

Are made for holding you, oh-oh

I wanna love like you made me feel

When we were 18

We took a chance

God knows we tried

Yet all along, I knew we'd be fine

So pour me a drink, oh love

And let's split the night wide open

And we'll see everything we can

Living love in slow motion, motion, motion

So kiss me where I lay down

My hands pressed to your cheeks

A long way from the playground

I have loved you since we were 18

Long before we both thought the same thing

To be loved and to be in love

And all I can do is say that these arms

Are made for holding you, oh-oh-oh

And I wanna love like you made me feel

When we were 18

Louis: Long before we both thought the same thing

To be loved and to be in love

And all I can do is say that these arms

Are made for holding you

And I wanna love like you made me feel

When we were 18

I wanna love like you made me feel

When we were 18

I wanna love like you made me feel

When we were 18.

the music stopped and the crowd went wild as I took Louis' hand and he took mine and we kissed on stage when we broke the kiss the crowd started chanting 'LARRY' we both blushed really hard.

Harry: Thank you guys for coming I hope you all get home safe and remember to always...

Harry and the crowd: TREAT PEOPLE WITH KINDNESS!!!!


Harry: You did amazing Boobear.

Louis:*blushes*you remember the nickname.

Harry: Of course I still have your contact saved as 💙Boobear💙

Louis: And yesterday I saved your contact as 💚Hazza💚

Harry: looks like I have a free night.*smirks* Want to go on that date tonight?

Louis: *almost screams* YES! *blushes then giggles*

Louis went to his Zayn and Nialls to get ready for me to take him out but the thing is my fans started to get rowdy and started to crowd the hotel so I had to go out with bodyguards to go pick up Louis to take him to a fancy restaurant Zayn and Niall told me they went to every year on their wedding anniversary.


Harry: I'll go knock on the door.

I got out of the car once again with bodyguards surrounding me because girls were starting to surround us I walked up to the door knocked and Louis came out dressed in a white buttoned up shirt with a navy blue blazer and black skinny jeans. My jaw dropped as my eyes fell upon him.

Harry: You look amazing Boobear.

Louis: You do to.

Bodyguard 1:All right you two get in the car before all these girls cripple y'all.

Louis And I giggled a little bit and then went into the car in the back seat we talked and talked until we arrived at the restaurant La casa de las rosas. (The House of roses) we took our seats in the back so that my fans don't see me.

Louis: This place looks amazing.

Harry: apparently its a great place.

Louis: How'd you find it?

Harry: What's Irish and has blonde streaks.

Louis: Niall.

Harry: Yep he and Zayn said it's a great place to go to.

Louis: I guess that's why for the past two years I've been stuck with their daughter on their anniversary week.

Harry: Guess so... So how've you been for the past 4 years.

Louis: Dated Elanor came out as gay moved to Texas dated a guy named Liam before he went to the UK for the x-factor.....Now I'm here.

Harry: Wow.... Wait Liam Payne?

Louis: Yeah he's an idiot.

Harry: *Smirks* Wanna make him jealous.

Louis: Yeah sure why not.

I got out my phone and face timed Liam and he answered.

Liam: What's up man looks like you're on a date.

Harry: Yeah I am how you doin.

Liam: For some reason I'm looking at pictures of my Ex man I miss him.

I smirked a bit he didn't notice.

Harry:Well my date was just telling me about his ex who left him to go audition for the x-factor.

Liam:Wow I did that to and it was a mistake I'm thinking about going back to tell him and probably get him back.

Harry: I don't think that's a good idea.

Liam: Why?

Louis came to my side of the table and took my phone.

Louis: That's why.

Liam: Wha- Lou

Louis: It's sad you chose music over love.

Liam: I was stupid.

Louis:*Laughing* You still are.

Harry: Why would you leave this Liam?

Liam: Haz I have to go take care of the Munchkin.

Liam hung up and Louis went back to his seat. We talked for and hour and our food was delicious. I took Louis home and went back to the hotel and fell asleep.

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