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Topaz is the Todoroki family's doctor but soon She finds out that she has a crush on one of their Son's and it became Personal...

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The Gala

WWhen I walked through the Doors To the Gala people looked at me in surprise Because I was the only person With 5 extraordinary quirks in The Entire Town

When I walked through the Door People Looked at Me In surprise Because I was the Only Person In the The Whole City With 3 Extraordinary Quirks

?: I heard that she Has 3 Quirk's

??: What? No way..

My Dress Shimmered In the Light As I walked To go Greet Everyone then I left to go get a Glass Of Champagne

I walked Over To the Stairs And Sat down

Shoto POV

I seen an Elegant Woman then I seen that she Was Drinking A glass Of Champagne On the Stairs

Shoto: Excuse me Mother

I left To go see what she was doing at the Stairs but when I got there She was gone until I felt a Tap on my shoulder

Topaz: Looking for me?

Shoto: Ah Yes I was

Topaz: I'm Topaz Smith

Shoto: I heard that your A Doctor

Topaz: Yea I Am

Topaz: I'm actually Your Family's Doctor That's the Only reason Why i'm Here

Shoto: Wanna Go somewhere Quieter?

Topaz: Won't your Father Yell at you?

Shoto: I won't mind it

I extended my arm For her to grab and we went up the Stairs And Outside to The Garden

Topaz: So what do you want to talk about Todoroki?

Shoto: Call me Shoto

I grabbed her Hand And Kissed it and when I looked up She was A Blushing Mess

Topaz: I- Uhh Umm…

Shoto: Did I Make You Flustered ~?

Topaz: Yes you did Shoto

Topaz POV

I took off my Heels And Sat them Down

Topaz: God! They Hurt My Feet…

I started walking Down The Stoned path and Shoto Followed Me

Topaz: Wait, aren't you Like 21 or something?

Shoto: I am Are you?

Topaz: I'm actually 20

I continued walking And I tripped on a hole and Shoto Caught me Before I Fell

Shoto: You Ok?

Topaz: Yea I'm Fine

When I got up I was a Blushing Mess again

Topaz: We should Probably head back to the Gala

He pulled me Close And Kissed me My eyes Widened When he did that

Shoto: S-Sorry

I put my hands On His Cheeks And Kissed him again

Topaz: Don't Apologize Shoto

I walked Back to Where my Heel's Where put them on And went back to The Stairs

Shoto: Your Fast

Topaz: Teleportation

I Teleported behind him

Topaz: 1- Teleportation

2- Invisibility 3- Healer's Touch

I went in front of him But when I turned around My Foot Gave in And I tripped Backwards off the railing and My hand Caught Onto the Bottom Rail

?: Oh My God Look!

From what I can Gather People Where looking at me In shock

Topaz: Shoto I'm fine you don't need to freak out

I Teleported To the Floor

Topaz: See I'm fine

I Then Left The Gala Took my heels off And Started Walking down the side of the road

Topaz: He doesn't Truly Love you…

I turn around to see a car Coming Towards me

It started Lightning And Raining Heavily And I was always Afraid of Storms

Shoto: Should I bring you Back?

I got inside of his car

Topaz: J-just Take me Home

Topaz: I live Not to far from here

I told him Where I lived and he took me there but by the time we arrived I was asleep

Shoto POV

When we arrived She Was asleep So I carried her inside

Topaz: You know I can Walk right

Shoto: Your feet hurt so let me Carry you

Topaz: Fine

Lucky I was about to set her down Cause she Jumped and Fell on the Bed because Lightning Struck so I sat by her and Pulled her close To me and Kissed her nose

Topaz: Shoto...I-i I'm Scared…

Shoto: Shhhhh

I Rubbed her head And she kissed me Softly

And I kissed her Lips and Trailed down To her neck And Started Sucking And Leaving Hickeys All around her neck Till I found her sweet spot and She Quietly Moaned In My Ear

Shoto: Did I find your Sweet spot Now baby~

Topaz: Sh-Shoto I'm your Doc-

I kissed her And She Gave in

She Crawled On Top of me and Started kissing me

I Bit her lip slightly And She Opened up her Mouth slightly

Our tongues were dancing Around Fighting for Dominance and I Won

Topaz POV

As We were making out I heard a Door Shut

Topaz: Shoto You need to hide

Shoto: Why is that Darling

Topaz: My Sister is Home And She Doesn't like it when People are over

Shoto: Where do you want me to hide?

I used my Quirk To Hide Shoto As My sister came up the Stairs And into my room

Toga: Who's Car is out there?

Shoto Pov

Topaz: What don't believe In Carjacking?

Toga: Nice

I looked at the Girl and realized it was that Villian Toga

Toga: And besides I don't care that you have guest over Anymore So they can come out

She undid Her quirk And Toga's Eyes Lit up in Sparkles and gave Topaz A Hug

Toga: My little sister finally got a Boyfriend!

Topaz: Hey! I'm one year younger than you!

Toga Then Left the room

Topaz: Sorry about her

I gave her a Kiss on the Cheek

Shoto: Its fine

Topaz: Wanna watch a Show with me and Toga?

Shoto: Sure

Topaz: Yo! Sis!

Toga: Yes?

Topaz: Wanna watch a Sho-

Toga: I'm picking!!

Topaz: Fine what


Topaz: Yes!

That night we Watched 2 seasons of Lucifer

Topaz: Toga. If he wasn't asleep I would Kill you for taking pictures of me

Toga: I guess you gotta catch me~

Topaz: oh i'll never say when

Thankfully Shoto didn't wake up when I Moved down on the bed to get Comfy and I told My sister to get out of my room

Topaz: Night Shoto

Shoto: You know your really comfy

I nearly jumped

Topaz: Don't scare me like that

He moved off my lap and laid down And I Laid on top of him

Shoto: Its kinda cold

Topaz: You have the Fire Quirk

Shoto POV

I kissed her forehead and Wrapped my Arms Around Her waist And Warmed her up

Topaz: Dork

Shoto: But I'm Your Dork

She kissed me then we went to sleep

In da Mornin'

When I Moved i realized she Had No top On but a bra and neither did I

Topaz: Morni-

She looked Down

Topaz: Did We Umm…

I Warmed up my hands And placed them on her Hips And She just Smiled And kissed my Nose "You have work today" She Whispered In my ear "Maybe I can see you today while I'm on patrol with Deku and Uravity" she kissed me then got to up to go change and saw that she Took a sheet with her Indicating that she was partially Naked to the Closet Where she got changed Into what looked to be like a her Doctor

Outfit which Had a Little bit of blood on it "There's a Blood stain on the back" "Shit…" She had me cover The stain with An Oxy-pen "is it gone?" "Yea it is" She Grabbed Her Purse "I would get dressed Shoto" "I had Your Assistant Drop of your Costume last night So it's Right there" She pointed to my Costume then she went to the bathroom while I changed

Then we left in my car and dropped her off at the Hospital ''Thanks Shoto '' She gave me a Kiss and Went inside the Hospital and I drove off to My Dad's Agency "Shoto Where were you!" "With a friend" "So this friend of yours Is a Nurse at The Jaku General Hospital" 'Shit he knows' "Yeah so what" I went to My office where Deku and Uravity Where "Todoroki!" Ochako Gave me a small hug "oooh You smell like a girl" 'No point in hiding it now' "Yea I was with My Girlfriend last ni-" The alarm for Villain alert nearby went off "Where is The Villain coming from" "The Hospital Down the Block" I Ran out the Agency and Quickly To The Hospital where She was And I saw that Iida and Kirishima Were Infront of the Hospital "Shoto Calm down" "Shes In there and She isn't with The Others so I'm going back in the-" Thump "Fuck!" I look down Beside my leg and saw that Topaz Was Clutching her leg to stop it from bleeding "Topaz are you ok?" "No I'm fine..Of course I'm not fine I got fucking Stabbed in the Leg Shoto..." "Can't you you use your quirk on it" "No I can't Shoto" "Get the Paramedics over here" They Lifted her up And Took her to the Back of The Ambulance to Bandage her Stab wound up thats when Kirishima Elbowed me "Is that your Girl~" "Yes she i-" She came back over here and Gave me a Small kiss on the cheek "I'm back" "You must Be the Famous doctor Everyone talks about" "Topaz Nice To meet you Red Rio-" Bang "That sounded like a Gun but from where?" The men looked around and Shot Looked at me in horror "T-topaz..."

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