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elizabeth-watson Elizabeth Watson

Elizabeth Watson Orphan girl nothing special but just a habit to see world through the eyes full of positivity and goodness. Than suddenly everything changed from being orphan to having a family she have always dreamt of. But with lots of consequences. Will she be able to start the journey which started long before that day. Alexander Wilhelm A best businessman, a father of a child, a son, a brother and a good man. But lost his only love of life while giving him reason to keep breathing and looking forward to cherish his child. But will he ever be able to give his daughter the love of father when his whole world is in the misery. Will he be able to again bring someone in his life who will be able to complete his broken family and heart? Will he ever love again?

Romantizm Contemporary Tüm halka açık.

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It's been three whole years that I've left my home, my family, my safe place, The Home of Jesus, the orphanage. I miss them like I take breath, father Nelson, for me my Jesus. Who showed me the path to continue with the flow of life and to live it at it's fullest. And all the other who were there with me, always there.

Today's the special day as it's the 85th foundation day of my home. And the company I am working in is the biggest supporter of my home from last 69 years. Hoseok Group's who is standing with my home giving them all the support and encouragement to give platform to orphans like me.

Our company has arranged a grand event for all the other ladies of the orphanage to show their hidden talent through this program. Our boss, Jung Hoseok and the son of the founder of this group has always supported my home just like his father has always. His company gave me opportunity to work for this firm when I graduated from the college with arts. From than I am working here, and I am going to be supportive to this company just like they have supported our home.

Whenever I drag myself thinking in the past incidents I get lost in them always. And then Jessica brought me again in the living world form my mind. "Hello, hello ma'am are you there?" she asked. "Oh, yes I am. Why what happened?" I continued. "Margret is calling you from past 15 minutes. If you're done drawing your fantasies them come back to reality we have lot to do till afternoon baby." Oh God 15 minutes, happens every time it's not new but still today I have not much time to complete the work thanks to the lunatic standing before me to who never stops pretending like an elder sister and giving me reson to smile. I smiled at her and gave her a flying kiss and drifted myself to the next elder sister.

As I was passing by I noticed sir has not arrived yet. He's never late for office always on time and always working. He's cold someone like without feelings and any type of expressions on his face. But still it's not his fault, I guess. He's lost his wife, the one who was the reason for his life leaving newborn with him as a single father who has responsibility of a company to handle and providing food for almost so many employees working for his company. That's what I respect about him that he never compromises his responsibility towards his company, but at the same time I wonder what about his daughter? Definitely he doesn't know how to handle the newborn as she was with her grandmother, but still she must me having a wish to be with her father. A six year old child who's lost her mother, will need her father the most.

I reached Margrets desk and asked her what she wants. " The file with all the details you have regarding new submitions in orghnage." she said. "I have it in the file you gave to sir yesterday with all the details of previous vacancies, and available women of last year for job." I said. "Oh, okay than I think I will have to wait for boss to come office than, thanks." she said. "Why he hasn't came till now today? He's never late. Always going with clock. Everything alright? " I asked.

"He's busy in some family matters. His mother and daughter has came back for some day's. He said he'll be here in some time." she said with a concern too on her tired face. Margret Mr. Hoseok secretary, 3 months pregnant beautiful and kind-hearted woman. She was like a mother figure to me and Jessica. She always cheered us whenever there were hectic days. But the moment she conceived she's always tired. But she's strong. " Oh, okay." I said and left her desk.

Reaching at my desk I continued in my work. After spending 1 hour or something seeing all the designs and collection I made my way towards coffee machine. I asked if Jess needed one. This girl always brings smile on my face she replied," I would have more loved you if you'd have asked me for wine. Because that's what I need right now." completing her scarsm with a wink. " Of course you really need a strong coffee dear." I said and went to machine and made to strong coffees.

It's nearly 12 and I saw sir coming through the elevator. There is something different about him something sad about him today. Mostly his feelings are ale hidden but today he's annoyed somehow not happy about something. I am thinking what might've happened today that he's unable to hide his feelings. Just like he came he entered his cabin. I saw Margret approaching towards his cabin definitely for file. And I brought our cups of coffee to Jessica and me.


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