David Henry

A few friends uncover a dark past from their town

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The uprising

Reese ran through the woods. He looked behind his back and saw a figure chasing him! he fell into a hole and saw something, someone. it was just standing there.

Reese then said "hello is anyone there". not expecting an answer the figure said "hello" in a horse tone "come here" Reese's legs started walking like he couldn't control himself! like something was pulling his body towards it!

it then gave him a necklace in the shape of an eye.

Reese woke up he was panting. he was also in class. his teacher (Mrs Clark ) "enjoy your nap" she said sarcastically. the bell rang in the hallway his friend Adam said "you have a nightmare again" Reese then responded "it's not just a nightmare it's the same dream again and again"! "have you tried 5 hour energy or another type of energy drink"Adam added. "yes I have I'm starting to think that it means something"! Reese said

"keep talking like that people are going to start thinking your crazy". it's almost time to go home. I'll meet you at the your house

later that day...

Reese heard a knock on the door "coming" Reese said Reese opened the door and Adam walked in "hay bro come in" Reese said. "I have something for you" Adam said. he then gave him a drink.

"what's this". "just drink it" Reese took a sip and ran over, to the sink and spit it out. Adam started to laugh. "not funny" Reese said. "what was that anyway". "oh just something my dad made up, it always helps him sleep better". then they heard sirens. both of them went outside and got their bikes and started following the police. when they got there, there was a person being asked a ton of questions but all he could say was ranutack.

(ran-u-tack) they lived in a small town so not much stuff like this happened. Adam asked the police officer "what is going on". the police officer then said "this isn't a place for you to be son go home". Adam and Reese got back on their bikes and rode home. that night Reese had another nightmare he was at the park he recognized the park (it was Rochelle memorial park) he then got up and grabbed his jacket and put it on. he hopped on his bike and drove to the park. he remembered the statue (that was also in his dream)

he then remembered the part in his dream were he dug a hole in front of the statue (he also brought a shovel)

and he started to dig . his shovel hit something. he picked up a box and looked inside it ... the necklace from his dream was in the box along with a note that said ranutack and a definition. it translated to EVIL

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