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At the beginning of Faenbel, the realm was filled with magical spirits. Favian and Eathelyn we're two spirits who met and fell in love. With the two spirits in love, others are against them and will do anything to stop them. Will Eathelyn and Favian be together forever?

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In The Beginning...

At The Beginning Of Faenbel, The Realm Was Filled With Magical Spirits. There Were Many Kinds Of Spirits In This Realm. There Were Water Spirits; There Were Woodland Spirits. There Were Light Spirits, And even Shadow Spirits Called The Aethe. Eathelyn Was A Water Spirit. She Was Very Beautiful And Kind. Her Home Was in a Beautiful Waterfall, Where She Watched Over The Creatures And Spirits In Her WaterFall Now Favian Was A Woodland Spirit That Used His Magic To Help The Trees And To Nurture The Woodland Creatures Around Him. One Day Both Spirits Went To The Faenraya Where The Spirits Go To Regain Their Powers And be Blessed By The Great spirits Of The Realm.

Eathelyn Knelt At The Pond And Splashed The Glistening Water On Her Face. When She Looked Up And. Favian Was Standing Over Her. She Stood Up And Said. Hello. He Smiled And Took Her By The Hand. They Sat At The Pond And Talked For Hours. When It When the Sky Became Dark. They Both Decided To Go Home And Meet Up Again The Next Day In The Stars. The Spirits Spent Two Days Flying Through The Stars. Favian And Eathelyn Fell Madly In Love. They Vowed To Be Together For Eternity. The Only Thing That Could Stand In Their Way Were The Great Spirits Of The Realm. They Would Have To Give The Couple Their Blessing. They Went To The Great Light Spirit Cira To Ask Her For Her Blessing. Cira Could See The Future, and Cira Was Willing To Give Them Her Blessing, But She Warned Them That She Could Foresee Turmoil In Their Future. She Said That If They Understood, There was Trouble To Come. She Would Give Them What They Desired. Word Spread Through Out The Realm That Eathelyn And Favian Were In Love. The Spirit Valda Was Very Interested In This News And The Couple. As The Most Powerful Spirit Of The Aethe, She And Her Fellow Shadow Spirit’s Main Duty Was To Create Destruction and Chaos. She Called All The Other Shadow Spirits To The Shadow Tree. All The Aethe Assembled At The Shadow Tree. Valda Spoke To The Spirits. She Wanted To Ruin The Lovely Couple. They Made A Plan To Destroy Eathelyn And Favian. Valda And The other Aethe Used All Of Their Shadow Magic To Create A Realm To Banish Both The Spirits For Eternity.

Valda Had A Plan For Favian And Eathelyn To Meet Up For A Special Suprise. The Couple Met In the Forest. They Were Very Excited To See Each Other. They Tried to Run To Each Other When Purple Smoke Started To Pour In Through The Trees. Favian Tried To Get To Eathelyn, But He Disappeared Into A Portal. Eathelyn Was Next To Disappear. What Was Next To Happen Was Devastating! Favian Landed In A Dark Barren Land. He Called For Eathelyn, But Their Was No Answer. He Sat On A Rock And Was Distraught. He Did Not Know When He Was Going To See His Beloved. Favian Would Stay In The Realm. He Would Never See Eathelyn Again. Cira Heard About What Valda And The Aethe Had Done. She Was Furious With Them. She Wanted To Help Favian And Eathelyn. So She Met With Valda. They Met At The Bottom Of The Faenraya. Cira Demanded To Know Why Valda Did What She Did To Favian And Eathelyn. Valda Laughed, She Said That She And Aethe Can Do What They Want. What Those Spirits Were Doing Was Against Everything The Aethe Were Created For. Valda Was About To Leave. She Looked Back And Smiled. She Said To Cira These Final Words. ”Eathelyn Is In Between The Realm, Find Her Somewhere Nice To Live. For She Cannot Come Back. Eathelyn Was Between The Realm For What Seemed Like Days. Cira Took Valda’s Words To Heat. Cira Created A Place Where Eathelyn Could Live And Be Happy. Even Though She Would Never See Favian Again. Eathelyn Landed In This Beautiful Forest. She Was In Awe Of How Everything Was So Amazing. She Was Still Distraught About Losing Favian, But Something About This Place Made Everything Okay. Eathelyn And Favian Would Never See Each Other Again. The Place Eathelyn Would Forever Stay Would Be Called The Elysian Forest. The Place That Favian Would Stay Would Be Called Kreasdahn Or Also Known As The Ashen Realm. They Would Forever Be Known Through Out The Realm As The Rulers Of These Places.

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Kathryn McGregor Stories of Faenbel is a series of short stories about the magical world of Faenbel. From mermaids to fairies to dragons and gnomes and more, Faenbel has a vast amount of magic in Its beautiful realm.

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